Thrilled to finally debut: my speaker reel.

Occasionally, I am invited to get chatty as a keynote speaker with organizations, small businesses, and more and at a few of these events we got sassy and digitized all of it.

Add in a sprinkle of Helvetica Neue, some hot music, a penchant for hugging the people who come to hear me speak, and–yep, it’s in there, too–a few pre-speaking dance moves to relieve creative tension before an event, and you get about three minutes of awesome.

Want to bring courage to your business or organization? Good–because when the people you work with are interested in ideas like integrity, creative innovation, positive relationship dynamics, and everything else that goes into the mixed bag of a regular practice of courage, everyone benefits.

Courage is an evolutionary imperative–if you want to evolve, in life or in business, courage has got to be part of the game. Learn more here: or email me for booking keynote events in Fall 2014 and beyond.