I thought that everyone should know: I got married to my long-time sweetie. It seems like the kind of thing that someone who lives some of their life online, might tell people.


It was a gorgeous ceremony, held in a park out in wine country, California, and post “now pronounce you parnters in life” bit, we danced back out the aisle to Michael Franti. Then we went to Peet’s in our wedding gear because I knew I needed some caffeine to make it through the reception, and because we are just that fucking nuts:

(Photography by: Michael B. Woolsey).

It was a truly beautiful day, and I don’t know how the Universe sent me this gorgeous Italian man who rocks the soccer field as eagerly as he does a yoga mat, who gives me, his lucky wife, so much great web design, and who is, generally speaking, the most amazing partner I could have dreamed up–but somehow, I did get this lucky, and I’m grateful for it, every day.