how to meditate


Everyone has heard that meditation is good for you, but many wonder how to meditate. Others have tried to meditate before, but they get too restless with traditional meditation. Learn how to create stillness and learn how to meditate, even if it’s not the traditional form.

1. Learn how to introduce meditation into your life, even if you’ve never meditated before
2. Create a stillness practice when traditional meditation just doesn’t work for you
3. Understand why creating stillness is so important to bring more fun into your life

stop over committing


You’re that person who’s always starting something new (finishing? That’s another story). Watch this video to learn how to recognize over-committing and then stop over-committing by seeing when it’s healthy, and when over-committing is more drama.

1. Recognize the moments when you over-commit
2. Understand how to drop the drama of over-committing
3. Learn the key question to ask yourself when you decide to commit to something (what impact is this going to have on my life)

how to trust yourself


If you want to learn how to trust yourself, you’ve got to understand where you look for “the” answer. When we get rigid about the way “it is,” we get stuck. Watch this video to learn how to avoid getting stuck in looking for answers, and start to learn how to trust yourself.

1. Understand what’s dangerous about looking for “the” answer – it suggests there is something wrong with you (there’s nothing wrong with you)
2. Stop looking for the “answer” and follow your inner YES, instead.
3. Learn how to flow with change, over time.