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I’m Kate Swoboda. I’m a life coach, Director of a life coach certification program, and author of THE COURAGE HABIT.
I help people to identify old, fear-based habits that have kept them stuck for (way) too long, and start creating courageous habits. When you start living the courage habit, you’ll stop waiting to  “feel” courageous, and start taking action to prioritize what you truly  want. Read more…



Praised by best-selling authors Daniel Pink, Susan Piver, Sarah Knight, and more, THE COURAGE HABIT combines the science of courage with the neuropsychology of habit-formation, teaching you how to create courageous habits that add up to a more courageous life.

“Do you feel the need for a change in your life — a new job, a new purpose? Don’t let fear hold you back. You too can find the courage to change with the wisdom collected by Kate Swoboda in this helpful, cheerful, and delightfully readable book.” –Daniel Pink, New York Times best-selling author of DRIVE and A WHOLE NEW MIND

A few things people are saying about THE COURAGE HABIT…

“THE COURAGE HABIT combines the latest research into what creates genuine change with the spiritual view that fear is a gateway to fearlessness. Drawing on her experience coaching clients, personal stories, doable (non-silly) exercises, and her ever-present warmth, this book teaches you the four key habits to face what is holding you back and live your most courageous life.”

Susan Piver, author of "Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation"

“If there’s anything I’ve learned and taken to heart in the last few years, it’s that we only have one life to live and we could all stand to spend more time on what makes us happy and less time feeling like we’re about to implode from anxiety, shame, guilt, and fear. THE COURAGE HABIT is a great reminder that YOU control your destiny and YOU have the power to make changes from the inside out—to have the life you want, need, and deserve.”

Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and Get Your Sh*t Together

“THE COURAGE HABIT is a definitive guide to your new understanding of fear and courage and what they really are, and how they can both be reshaped to support the life you actually want to live. THE COURAGE HABIT will help you to stop trying to be “fearless,” and start creating something deeper and richer for your life: living from a place of courage. And what that will produce for your life is truly revelatory.”

SARKauthor, artist,

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your most courageous self awaits

Your Most Courageous Self is a side of you that believes, wholeheartedly, in living a fully-alive life. She's the inner bad-ass that's ready for the joy-joy-joy at the same time that she's sick of being on a leash, sick of watching a world in pain but feeling...

Access your courage; access the body

Most people approach facing their fears as though it’s something they can logic their way through. They think things such as, “If I make a list of all the reasons why failure is unlikely, then I won’t be afraid, anymore!” But fear doesn’t work that way. Fear isn’t...

listen without attachment

Most of us spend years trying to avoid, please, or attack our inner Critics (think you don't have a "Critic"? Think again--denial that it exists often means it's exerting even more power over you!). We avoid our Critics when we try to ignore them. We "please" our...

Reframe limiting stories

We’ve also all probably all met people who carry a Story that “everyone is kind and doing the best they can.” Because these people carry that Story, they probably give others the benefit of the doubt, take things less personally, and see other people as...

courage habit : Create community

Here's an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Courage Habit. This excerpt discusses the four part of the Courage Habit process: how to create community. To truly live courageous lives, we need other like-minded people around us who are also trying to honor the...

Take what you like, leave the rest

Ages ago, I taught fiction writing classes, both at the university level as well as part of one of those evening “extension” programs where people take informal night classes, for fun. I used to tell my students, “Everyone is an angel, and everyone is an asshole.” I...

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