resistance needs your resilience

I have been saying, “The resistance needs your resilience.” We cannot draw water from an empty well. We cannot give what we do not have. This means that it’s imperative for all of us to do our own personal work to vent the excess stress and fear that keeps us from feeling capable of creating positive change.

In this podcast episode, I’m not positing myself as any kind of voice of authority about activism or social change. Rather, I’m speaking to the need for all of us to decide that we are going to equip ourselves emotionally. Our fear causes us to go to hopeless, despairing places. Practicing courage will lift us up.


Show Notes

  • A window into my own feelings of being discouraged and overwhelmed (transparency: no guru models, here!)
  • Deciding how we want to show up with integrity, while working towards justice.
  • How to release the pent-up anger, fear and stress so that it can’t overwhelm us.
  • Ways that you can take action.
  • Resource: Desiree Adaway — I recommend her work and courses.