You’re tired of putting out blog content and not seeing it turn into anything. You want responsiveness.

You’re tired of spending time on social media, and not seeing anyone comment back. You want responsiveness.

And–during the weeks when getting a newsletter out the door doesn’t feel too overwhelming? You’re tired of sending something out and hearing crickets chirping. You want responsiveness.

Everything that we do, be it business-related or identified as focused on personal-growth, really comes down to wanting to be:

  • connected (to our own values, and to others),
  • expressed (creatively, or as part of our vision for our lives), and
  • effective (we want to see that the investment of our time has an impact, and particularly in business, we’d like to do work we love AND pay the bills).


Most of the time, my head and heart are planted firmly in the world of personal growth, helping people create lives that are bold, confident, and courageous. A few years ago, other coaches started to ask me for business help, and that lead to the creation of The Coaching Blueprint.

In 2012, that also lead to the creation of The Blueprint Circle, a smaller and more intensive short-term mastermind.

It’s been through examining the “why” behind how I run a business, and helping other people to grow their coaching practices, that I’ve learned that the two are not really separate.


blueprint-circles When thinking about a theme for this year’s Blueprint Circle, the word “responsiveness” kept coming to me.

Businesses can’t operate if the efforts are one-sided. If there’s a lot of content being churned out by a coach, but it’s not going anywhere? That’s one-sided, and it fails.

Oh–and–it exhausts you, and with enough time, it gets harder and harder not to feel the sting of that.

I’ve opened up registration for the 2013 Blueprint Circle, a 30-day intensive for life coaches (acupuncturists and others who are in client-based businesses are welcome to inquire to see if the Circle would be right for them).

Registration closes on the hard-and-fast deadline of April 26th, and I’ll be sending out pre-course work to early adopters within the next week, to give them something extra to start getting acquainted and settled. You’ll receive the first week’s lesson on April 29th, with our first group call on Thursday, May 2nd.


What are the pre-requisites?

#1: Commitment. You’ve got to commit to yourself and your business, to get something out of this process.

#2: A functioning website with a functioning blog (you’ll need that to complete practices related to this process).

blueprint-circles Click the button to learn more about the course, including how each week is broken down with a specific focus to help your business. Once you’re officially registered, I’ll be sending a personal email to confirm your registration and I’ll be sending you the early-adopter materials within a week of confirming.

You could spend a year reading business blogs and trying things out–

–or you could spend 30 committed days cutting through the learning curve, and creating a coaching business that gets responsiveness and results. Let’s begin.