take action now no more waiting

It’s time to take action now – no more waiting. You deserve more. You deserve better than the b.s. lies of “It’s not the right time” or “But I’m not the kind of person who…”

People who go after what they want and take action now are not people who have it all figured out, all the resources, all the time, all the connections, all the abilities. Those things are helpful, but they are not a prerequisite for you to feel the pride of going after what you most desire. (Oh, and? The existentialist in me wants to point out that we’re all going to…die. So, like, we actually don’t have time to waste hemming and hawing about “Gee, I dunno, I don’t know if I’m ready…”).

If there’s anything in your life that you’ve been hesitating around taking action on or any dream you’ve been waiting to realize, see this podcast coming across your radar as the flashing neon sign from the Universe that it’s time to take action now – no more waiting.