Thank you!

Unless you’ve arrived at this page randomly, you’re seeing it because we just processed your order for the Courageous Living Program.

It’ll take a few moments for the email with the download link to arrive in your inbox, so while you wait, here are a few thoughts as you’re getting started.

Back it up, back it up

Due to an overload of requests, we no longer send out additional copies of the program. To protect yourself in the event of a computer meltdown, we suggest backing up the program by burning it to a DVD or saving it to a USB keychain. Also, be sure to hold on to your confirmation email with the download link. All purchases come with two download attempts, so if you use one today, you’ll have an extra in case you need it, later.

Other ways to connect

You can meet other amazing souls at the Your Courageous Life Facebook page:

I hang out on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Some parts life coach training, some parts sisterhood: my life coach training program.

If you’re not already on the Your Courageous Life e-letter, I suggest it as a complement to the program. Weekly courage, in your inbox? It’s a good thing.

This program…is gonna nudge you

I’m interested in nudging at you, playfully poking at your own self-imposed limitations and shouting from the rooftops, “Yes, you CAN.”

(Because I believe this–you CAN).

One of the first things this program will work on is helping you to clarify what you want to shift. Then it’ll ask you for something that arouses fear for most people…following through so that you can actually see what you want, come to life.

There will be moments when it’ll be hard, but if you put some time in every day, just five minutes if you want, change can happen.

Be open. Be prepared to amaze yourself.

Big love!