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Welcome to Breathing Space! This is a powerful 30-day course in shifting overwhelm. Everyone experiences overwhelm–but not everyone has overwhelm running their lives. This is something you can shift.

kate courageous kate swoboda life coach I run a business–which includes not just this site, but a website just for life coaches (http://www.CoachingBlueprint.com) and a program that teaches people how to be life coaches (http://www.TribeCLCC.com). I update my blog, weekly. I’ve created and launched e-programs. I’m a speaker with experience teaching seminars, college courses, and at conferences. I routinely train for endurance events. Oh–and, like you, I have a family I want to connect with, friends I want to see, places I want to travel to, laundry to be done, and a checkbook to be balanced.


How does one do all of this, while managing overwhelm?



Breathing Space is an ease-full course. Over the course of 30 days, 4 tele-sessions, plus optional exercises, you can learn a completely different way of managing overwhelm.


Keep an eye out; when the course is opened each year, I’ll be sending registration details (dates, times, and the registration link) to this list for pre-registration bonuses. This is the only circle of Breathing Space that I’ll be running this year, and it’s the only circle on managing overwhelm that I offer.

“There is a HUGE overall feeling of acceptance with and within the group. I feel as if I could say anything or show up any way and that it is perfectly okay. That in itself is a huge breathing space.”– S.R.B.

“My plate is still super full–but I feel like I know how to keep the overwhelm at bay. I highly recommend this group!” — K.D.

“Kate’s e-circle was a beautiful break in my day to open myself up to self-reflection & growth in a very supportive environment. I looked forward to it every single week!” –J.B.


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