1. The book has a life all its own. I can create it, nurture it, and bring it into the world, but after that? It’s all some mashup of fate. This feels really, really vulnerable to acknowledge…but also kind of calming, too.

2. Invest in people. Time, love, attention. When I asked myself what would really make me happy, in my life or in my business, the answer always came back to investing in people.

3. I didn’t “lose” in that situation (about which I shall remain intentionally vague). I dodged a bullet.

4. Coaching with Lianne Raymond? Sooooo worth it.

5. Processing emotions is a PITA, but always a better option than white-knuckling your way through.

6. Painting recreations of Matisse’s Femme Au Chapeau makes me delightedly happy.

7. As a parent, I’m not into intensive mothering. I knew that before this past year, but finally, I can just say it: Hey, world. I’m not into intensive mothering. And my kid is going to be totally fine.

8. J’Adore the TED Radio Hour. It fills me with hope and reminds me of what it was like to be in school, being taught by the most interesting, charismatic teachers.

9. Vegan/vegetarian is the way to go–if not for your health, then for the planet’s health. If you tell yourself otherwise, you’re kidding yourself and prioritizing your personal preferences over collective well-being for everyone on our planet.

10. Methylated B-12 is the answer, to so many things.

11. When you’re making The Big Asks of your life, go all the way in. The worst that can happen is that they’ll say “no.” You can stand those odds.

12. Understanding your mental habit loops will change your life. A big one I got clear on in this past year? When I get overwhelmed, I get avoidant. The antidote? Lean in.

13. Collective voices all picking away at oppression and tax scams and the rest, do actually add up to something. Getting easily discouraged and throwing up your hands just because you don’t see immediate results is problematic–in life, and in political movements.

14. A resting heart rate of 55 or lower is to be cherished, and it’s worth working and training for.

15. Practicing sobriety puts you back in touch with your true nature and what you really want.

16. Life’s too short to do anything other than the things that you really, really love to do, with the people that you really, really love to do them with. I’m pulling everyone closer.