The thing I love about Danielle LaPorte, whether it’s a conversation with her, or interviewing her, or her work, is that she’s aligned with a purpose. She’s put thought and integrity behind her work. I’ve seen, time and time again, that she doesn’t simply talk the talk–she walks the walk. She puts intention behind all of it. If she says she’s into truth and liberation, she is into truth and liberation, and she’s actively trying to put that into her life.

So how does she do that?

The first time that anyone suggested to me that how you feel should be the backbone of your life, the idea seemed heretical. We live in a culture that so often tells us that feelings are irrational, and here’s this woman saying that she no longer uses day planners, she now uses her feelings to gauge how she will spend her time.

But once this idea clicks into place–well, then. Holy shit. Anything that isn’t lifting me up, gets either re-framed powerfully, or dropped because it’s not giving me more vitality?

This is a life-changing concept. It was about the time that I started to embrace this that my business ramped up, and this concept has influenced everything from how I eat (“I’m going to feel like shit if I eat this, so I won’t”) to my relationship (“I’m going to feel like shit if I keep arguing this point, so I won’t”) to accountability (“I’m going to feel like shit if I don’t go to yoga like I said I would, so I’m going to go to yoga”).

Then there’s the flip-side–the ushering in of more joy. What do I desire, in this moment? To turn off the computer. To go read the latest issue of Triathlete magazine. To eat out tonight, instead of cooking in. To forgive. To get a new book, even though I know I have too many books, already. To call my friend. To plot out my next travel adventure. To finally get that tattoo. To write until I have nothing more to say (today). To study Italian verb conjugations.


The Desire Map

Danielle sent me a preview/review copy of The Desire Map. People, it’s gorgeous. I’m bananas about it. Once again, Danielle has created something so much more than just a slouchy PDF (Jesus Christ, if one. more. person. creates a rambling 50-page PDF with a few pithy, unoriginal exercises and tries to sell it for $100…).

The Desire Map is comprehensive, detailed, carefully constructed. Thought and time went into the framework, so that you’re guided through something and so that you can actively learn and engage, as opposed to passively sitting back. If completing the exercises in this program doesn’t get you hot n’ bothered about your life, then you’re in need of a serious wake up call. This is inspiration, digitized.

I spent a morning at a coffee shop perusing chapters and–hey, cheating a bit, I know–scribbling responses to questions and completing exercises. With the holidays ahead, I’m looking forward to quiet, luxurious mornings spent in my pajamas, reading or watching videos and scribbling away.

If you want a copy, click the image below to get more information–it’s all linked up for you. Is this an affiliate link? No, actually. I genuinely believe in this work, and I’m not recommending it simply to make a buck or two.


So here’s a thought: What’s your life-changing desire?

Encoded in the things/experiences that we desire are important guide-posts to this crazy thing we’re all trying to experience in this lifetime: happiness. When’s the last time you stopped to really think about your desires, much less the one desire you have that, if fulfilled, would be a true game-changer?