That’s it, right there: your relationship to fear, is your relationship to your life.

If you are avoiding fear, I guarantee you that you are avoiding life. Yes, that’s right–life, the beauty and the muck of it–it is passing you right by like a bullet train.

If you are hating fear, then you are hating life. If you are numbing out to fear, you are numbing out to life. If you are justifying fear, then the thread of justifications is running through your life.

Fear, life–they are wrapped together. Unless you are in a state of psychosis, or enlightened, you are going to feel fear (so let’s assume that this post is for the non-psychotic and unenlightened, which means that I’m speaking to people just like me–whew! Relief).

Now what? What hard truth is it time to reconcile? What are you going to do?

I ask these questions because it’s so easy to confuse “reading about” making a change with “doing something about” making a change.

Exercise: Spend 60 minutes examining your life. Consider categories such as health, friendships, intimate relationships, family, career, spirituality/personal development, creativity/recreation.

Where does fear show up? And what are you actively doing about that?