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Brene BrownCourage + whole-hearted living—you can’t separate the two. Cultivate the courage to say “No matter how imperfectly I do it, I’m worthy of love + belonging.”
—Dr. Brene Brown, from our Courageous Living Program interview

There are many reasons why so many people have chosen to use the Courageous Living Program:

“I’ve already done some personal work, but none of it was sticking. This is what finally helped me to make long-term change.”

“I was tired of realizing that another year had passed, and my life wasn’t any different.”

“It was time to start my business, but first I needed to do something to get out of my own way, because otherwise the fear was going to win.”

“I love Brene Brown’s work. I was sick of sitting with shame, and I wanted to actually do something about it.”

“I know I don’t need therapy, but I wanted to do deeper personal work.”

Any time I’ve ever really followed my delight, it’s lead me somewhere really great and really interesting…whatever feels fun and delightful to you, is your intuition saying ‘YES!'”
—Andrea Scher, from our CLP interview

Andrea Scher

You don’t need endless navel-gazing analysis or more vision board workshops; you need to see changes happening–now.

You’re only ready to embark on this program if you are truly ready for change–now.
You’re only ready to start if you’re sick of wasting time on doubt, hesitation, second-guessing, and inner critic anxiety.
You’re only ready if you’re tired of the endless stream of online courses and newsletters pulling your attention in fifty different directions.
You’re only ready if you know that it’s time to seriously commit to something and get some serious results.

The Courageous Living Program takes a strategic and heart-centered approach to working with fear: let’s root in your truest values and in making a difference, get clear on the internal self-talk that makes that challenging, and take pro-active steps to make changes.

This isn’t woo-woo. I won’t tell you to “think positive.” This is an intelligent and strategic approach to creating your courageous life, and you’re charting the course–not the fear, not your in-laws, not the health challenge, not the amount of money in your bank account.

Courage isn’t something you have; it’s what you choose to practice. People who understand this quit hoping that life will be perfect, or endlessly signing up for more e-courses. People who practice courage know how to embrace problems or challenges without being thrown, and use everything as an opportunity for growth. Their joy is more accessible, and their enthusiasm is irresistible. This is what it means to live 100% fully-alive.


Danielle LaPorteIt’s not about concentrating on why you have self-worth issues. It’s about concentrating on your capacity to expand into more joy.”
—Danielle LaPorte, from our CLP interview

How the Program Works

  • Life Inventory. Get crystal-clear with a realistic assessment of where your life is at–what’s working? What’s not? Going through this process will illuminate strengths, chronic patterns, and spot opportunities for change.
  • Clarifying your personal values. The CLP goes even one step further: having clarified values, apply that to how you approach decision-making.
  • Establishing a Primary Focus. Your personal Primary Focus is the guide for the program, making it unique to you. Every chapter, video seminar, and interview is designed to help you confront areas of challenge as you take action towards that focus.
  • Identifying and releasing patterns that drain energy. No more people-pleasing, being overwhelmed by emotions, or over-committing. Say “no” with healthy boundaries and prioritize your truest desires.
  • The Courageous Living Program teaches you how to identify the habits, behaviors and belief systems that keep you from feeling as confident as you’d like to feel. No more ridiculous self-help hamster wheels. Understand what’s sabotaging your efforts, so that you can change it (for good).
  • You’ll actively be able to apply tools starting with the very first module. This is not about “positive thinking” or trying to visualize your way to a better life. This is about making real changes.

“It’s helped me to stop ‘doing’ all the time and start ‘being,’ and ask myself what ‘being’ means to me…I’ve really stepped up to take responsibility for my life and stop simply going through the motions.” –L.C.

“The questions you pose have spurred me on to explore how I can better use my time and talents. I value your gift for writing things how they are, for not glossing over issues and for challenging faulty thinking.” –J.B.C.

Get started, today.

Within the next fifteen minutes, you could be accessing the program and watching the first videos, completing your first guided exercise, “The Truth is Where We Begin.”

  • Four Complete Content Modules
  • More Than 20 Video Seminars
  • Plus Interviews

“You will have access to powerful and amazing tools right from the start. I can personally speak to the power of the program, DOing the work, and Kate’s way of illuminating the path.” — D. S.

The complete program covers the following:

  • Establish your primary focus, what you want to change–what’s your big vision?
  • Set up foundational practices such as knowing your values and using them as your pivot point for creating–and, more importantly, living–the life that you want, on your own terms.
  • Clarify exactly what habits are getting in the way, so that you can shift them long-term.
  • Expose the hidden “Stories” that are underlying success or failure in your life–as well as your happiness and fulfillment.
  • Get aligned with the truth of your abundance. Do the “work that works” on Stories that there isn’t enough time or money to have the life that you want, and you’ll immediately improve your quality of life.
  • Learn how to metabolize emotion, so that the next “bad day” doesn’t throw you off from your desires.
  • Get more present and aware to the truth of what’s happening when you feel like quitting the most–so that this time, you through it and past it, instead of quitting on yourself.
  • Continue to refine your vision and play to your leading edge.
  • Plug energy leaks that weaken your transformation.
  • Solidify lasting change.

You can’t avoid ‘the stuff.’ It will show up in your world. The beauty of the conscious path is that you also get to be awake for all of the beautiful stuff, all that is joyful, everything that is loving, touching, and moving, and heart-filled. Either you’re awake, and you get all of it, or you’re switched off, and you get none of it”
—Marianne Elliott, from our CLP interview

Marianne Elliott

SARKThe goal is to be glad no matter what; that’s the gladness in everything. It’s a rich territory. It’s practical gladness. If you really practice this, you’ll spend a lot of time in the marvelous, messy middle–outside of the extremes.”
—SARK, from our CLP interview


  • Get four topically-focused modules full of content, exercises, prompts, and practical/actionable tools that you can immediately implement;
  • video seminars that personalize the experience;
  • full-length interviews with Brene Brown, Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, SARK, Cheri Huber, and more.

Courageous Living Program Interviews

courageous living program free bonus

Access to a FREE accountability list that will help you to stay on track, even if life gets busy. This is the end of starting something that you forget to finish.

“My favourite lesson is that I can choose joy in each and every moment. If I’m having a “bad” day I look at myself and then ask myself how can I choose joy right now. I seek joy out and I feel so much better for it.” — H.T.

“I like the style with which the course is written [… it] put the power in my hands and got me to consider things differently.” — E. S.

kate courageous kate swoboda life coach
When you start to consistently practice courage, you’ll find yourself doing things differently.

You’ll start having courageous conversations with your partner or family. You might decide that now is the time to finally start the business, write the book, take the trip to Italy, complete the 30-day yoga challenge. You’ll also learn how to release any fearful beliefs that living this beautifully is “selfish.”

Your dream will be authentically yours–and the Courageous Living Program is what you use to work through the challenges that arise.

>My Guarantee: This is not just another program about sitting around visualizing, trying to “manifest” your desires, hoping that “positive thinking” will do the trick.

That’s all well and good and has its place, but the Courageous Living Program is about changing the actual habits and belief systems that are at work, so that you won’t be hoping for change–you’ll be seeing evidence of it.

With the Courageous Living Program, you’ll start LIVING the possibilities where you used to see “impossible.” When you practice courage, you get unstoppable.

“I enjoy ‘spending time’ with ‘virtual’ Kate. It’s like having an old friend you don’t see all that often[,] but the long standing support is in place.” — K.C.

Life was meant to be richly lived, 100% fully alive. Is that how you’re living? If there’s a more confident, powerful person within you who is waiting to liberate herself, it’s time to take a step towards shifting things.