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However, I’m completely full with clients. What else am I up to? There are a few alternative ways to work together. I’m:


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A Complete Program In Courageous Living



Some people need to work with these tools at their own pace, on their own schedule. They need something in-depth, with a personal touch, yet affordable–and that’s where the Courageous Living Program comes in. Get a complete, downloadable program in courageous living, and you’ll emerge practicing 100% fully-alive courage.

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“I felt empowered after our sessions. I was definitely more connected to myself and loved how you gave me tools to work through what we encountered in our sessions.” –H.T.


“She gave me the tools and helped me find the courage to use my intuition and the wisdom I never knew I had to find my personal power. I now feel free to accept what “is” and enjoy this beautiful life I created. She is empowering and inspiring with the way she reaches you.” — J.H.


“When I first begun working with Kate I felt “stuck”, tired, and at least a bit angry. Kate has guided and supported me in making changes in attitude and behavior that have lead me to a new enthusiasm for life, a renewed sense of direction, and greater self-respect. I feel enormously indebted to Kate. She has taught me things I wish my mother had (and that I can now pass on to my children).” –F.S.

“The coaching sessions with Kate were also so, so helpful. They softened my approach and left me considering things from a far more positive and proactive direction than the more cynical place I started out at. ” –E.S.

“Back when we were coaching regularly, one of my goals was to get out of debt. Well, as of today (!), I am officially debt-free except for my student loan payments. Oh yeah! That’s right! It is so fun to look back on my notes from our coaching time together. Dream school, check! Italy, check! Debt-free, check! So I’m writing to tell you that I soooooo deeply appreciate the work you put into our coaching sessions. The benefits continue to pour in, and I still find myself using the tools you taught me. Thank YOU for helping people like me live our best lives (and for living yours so beautifully).” — L.B.


“I always feel supported and that means a lot when I am working through challenging areas of my life. I find myself energised for the rest of the day and it is always a day where I make great strides forward. I am careful to make sure that day is free so I can work on my goals, not wanting to lose the good energy I gain from one hour with you. It has always been a positive experience.” –I.D.


…the key thing she helped me realise is – it’s all within me already – I just needed a gentle nudge and an open ear to believe it.” — F. C.

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