Courage Habit : Creating Accountability

The last episode in the series, Andy starts with asking Kate about accountability groups (aka Masterminds) and how to go about using these groups to support your courageous habits. Kate gives advice on how to ensure these groups continue to work well for all participants, and some tips when the group may not work well. Kate also talks about the messy middle and key strategies of the Courage Habit to help people manage their resources when facing challenges.

Key Topics (timestamp):
Accountability Groups (1:00)
Not Just for Entrepreneurs Anymore! (17:15)
The Messy Middle (20:00)
Ego Struggle (29:45)
If the Love Has to Be Tough; It Ain’t Really Love (33:45)
The External Feedback Doesn’t Matter as Much as Your Internal Engagement (39:15)
Stepping Forward with Reckless Abandon (42:15)

The Courage Habit podcast was co-hosted with Andy Sewell of Audio Ephemera (, who’s also the rockstar behind post-production of each episode.