Courage Habit : Responding to Criticism

Andy asks about the difference between the Internal Critic and criticism from the outside. Kate explains that how you respond to any criticism is how you assert your power. Living your courageous life means being confident and true to yourself and your actions. Interactions with any criticism (internal or otherwise) define your character.

Key Topics (timestamp):
Giving Power to Criticism (1:00)
Power is How You Respond (5:00)
It’s All Just Feedback (11:00)
Conscientious Attention on Our Choices (20:00)
Act From a Way of Being (25:00)
Building Community of Joy (40:00)
Listening (41:15)
You Never Know Who You Are Influencing and How (48:45)
Attachment to Outcome (52:00)
You Cannot Control the Past (55:45)

The Courage Habit podcast was co-hosted with Andy Sewell of Audio Ephemera (, who’s also the rockstar behind post-production of each episode.