photo credit: Andrea Scher


An Interview with Brene Brown

Brene Brown and I got together for our first interview for The Courageous Living Program, over a year ago. The Gifts of Imperfection had been released and was starting to take hold. TED talks were on the horizon.

I immediately resonated with her warmth, her depth, the way she was able to take her research (often something that we associate with being cold and clinical facts) and turn it into work of the heart.

By far and away, I hear again and again from visitors to the website that her work, especially her book The Gifts of Imperfection, has been pivotal.

I contacted Brene and asked if she’d be willing to do a follow-up interview, in part to hear about what’s new and in part because it was time for a new chapter in the conversation. She was totally open to it, and this is what transpired:


Click the player below to listen to the full interview.


Brene Brown offers a lot of resources over on her website–and I highly recommend her latest and greatest, Daring Greatly. Click here to learn more about her beautiful work!


I Am Daring Greatly