I want the truth of who you are on the inside,
to be how you actually live,
on the outside.

What I Do

I’m Kate Swoboda, sometimes known as “Kate Courageous.” I’m a life coach, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification and author of The Courage Habit (New Harbinger Publications), and creator of the Courageous Living Program. I’m Director of the ICF-accredited Courageous Living Coach Certification (life coach training for individuals) as well as Leadership With Courage (bringing coaching skills to managers within organizations).

I teach people how to stop getting stuck in the stress that is caused by fear-based habits, and how we can leverage habit-formation to start living with more courage. 

When you practice what I call The Courage Habit–four specific, research-backed behaviors for living with courage and more resilience–you’ll find yourself stepping into more confidence, leadership and self-expression in every area of your life.

You’ll stop getting stuck believing the words of your critics (both internal and external), and you’ll start putting your own agenda on the table, turning ideas into action, and turning who you are on the inside into the life you actually live, on the outside.

If you need to get in touch with me, email
support -at- yourcourageouslife -dot- com and a member of our team will respond.  

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What I Offer

1.) I’m the author of The Courage Habit: how to accept your fear, release the past, and live your courageous life (New Harbinger Publications). Some verrah-verrah fancy New York Times best-selling authors endorsed my book, and Book Riot named The Courage Habit “one of the top books on habits.” 

2.)  Free resources for living with courage. Join the newsletter and you’ll get immediate access to the YCL Library, including a courageous soundtrack and habit-formation resources such as The Shift Plan that will help you identify what you want to shift and how to start getting the steps in place.

3.) I’m the Director of the The Courageous Living Coach Certification, a holistic life coach training and certification program that has modeled its approach after ICF Certification standards and integrated The Courage Habit methodology into the curriculum. Our team trains new and emerging coaches in the craft of coaching, the actual skill-set of prompting powerful changes in clients, all through asking trainees to do their own deeply intensive personal growth work. Marketing training and an in-person retreat are included.

4.) I’m a speaker and facilitator and I bring the work of The Courage Habit to corporate trainings and events. How we release stressful, fear-based habits and step into courage is applicable for a wide range of topics: women’s leadership, health/wellness/fitness, business and marketing, and more. For the right company, I’m available for one-time speaking events as well as ongoing in-house facilitation and corporate training.

5.) The Courageous Living Program and The Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program are my digital offerings. If you want to stop the stress and start putting daily, doable practices into your life that help you feel more grounded and resilient, The Courageous Living Program is for you. If you’re a life coach wondering how I’ve created my own business, and wanting to create your unique practice, The Coaching Blueprint is about how we market our businesses both effectively and with integrity.

6. I’m the host of two podcasts: The Craft of Coaching and the Your Courageous Life podcast

7. I’m Director of the ICF-accredited Courageous Living Coach Certification (life coach training for individuals) and Leadership With Courage (bringing coaching skills to managers and leaders in organizations).

For the Media

I’ve been interviewed for a wide variety of different media outlets and podcasts. Tell me what you’re working on, and I’ll tell you how courage applies.

Whether you’re a traditional outlet or you’re a podcaster interested in setting up an interview for your podcast, my interest is in having a great conversation, giving you the information you need for a great article/podcast/interview, and being of service to your audience.


My Story

You’ll learn a lot more about me by visiting the blog, reading The Courage Habit, or listening to the Your Courageous Life podcast. But since you’re here, here’s what I’d want you to know…

…Always, I have wanted to make slow, steady love with words. I’m astonished by their power–the power to convince, to help you understand what feels inexplicable, the power to wound or to heal, in an instant.

Growing up, I felt a confusing mix of being both highly sensitive and wildly, doggedly tenacious; extremely introverted and also ferociously opinionated. In other words: unable to fit into a box, unable to neatly categorize all of those contradictions, often feeling isolated and out of place in social groups.

So, there was pain. There was clinical depression and anxiety, suicidal ideation, cutting and self-harm, an eating disorder. Amid all that, there was a voracious desire to understand, to make meaning–and that’s where words saved me. First, I wrote my words across thousands of journal pages, and later, I’d speak them aloud with therapists, in workshops, with life coaches.

I’ve seen the right words, with the right empathy, delivered at the right moment, perform alchemy. I used words to re-wire…everything. It took sustained daily effort, but with time, I saw that fear, stress, doubt, anxiety just didn’t have control in the same way. They could be there, just not in the driver’s seat. That’s when life got interesting.


I became a life coach in 2006, built my coaching practice, began speaking and offering corporate leadership training and facilitation. I traveled around Europe, lead retreats in Italy, created the Courageous Living Program. I became the Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification in 2014. My book, The Courage Habit, explores how we create courageous habits–literally, how we use the brain’s habit-formation process to stop the fear-based habits and create courage-based habits.

I believe in a biopsychosocial model–meaning, that it’s a mix of our individual biochemistry, psychology, and then the external/social world we live in–that influences our beliefs and behaviors. I believe that humans are complex human beings, and while I share my work through writing, podcasting, and on social media, it’s always helpful to bring a dose of your own critical thinking–because of course, nothing I say on any subject could possibly encapsulate all of the details and nuances on a subject.

Throughout my work, I frequently refer to empowering women’s voices and ideas because I’m called to speak specifically to women’s issues, and I am speaking to all women and women-identified people. I think the patterns of privilege and patriarchy are replicated in every “ism” that exists, and that doing well by women means a better world for us all.

In case it’s not clear? I educate myself around and support, volunteer for, and put my dollars behind movements such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ rights, expanding access to resources such as healthcare and mental health resources, and more. I’ve volunteered with Safe Place International, which provides housing and support for displaced refugees who are LGBTQIA, women, and children. You may not see me post every single day about news headlines or matters related to justice, but I’m clear: a world where we are all practicing courage is one that has to include social and community empowerment, not just personal empowerment. I encourage this in every space I occupy.

Other things:
I am fascinated by nuances and paradoxical relationships. For example: The fact that affirmations can be both ridiculously fakey-fake AND incredibly powerful. Or how you can love someone and not always act like you love them. Or how we so often need to be in our feelings of despair, and, we need to hike up our sleeves and take action to counteract it. Or how you can work with the varying shades of grey between striving, healthy goal-setting, and surrendering utterly to the fact that we have no control, whatsoever.

My husband is my best friend. We’ve been together for more than a decade, and we make monogamy feel pretty hot. Our daughter is a pretty typical six-year-old, which is to say that she is a combination of magic and savagery.

I’m lit up by… my daughter, efficiency, spontaneous dinner plans, the sound of spoken Italian, friendly cats, the 10-second count before a CrossFit WOD begins, the experience of collective effervescence, the people who practice The Courage Habit, the raw truth-truth-truth, asking people, “If I really knew you, what would I know about you?”, how I feel after I run, standing in front of Matisse’s Femme Au Chapeau at the SFMOMA, and the moment when intuition joins practicality (that place where what you internally “know” pairs with taking action).


Can I interview you, or have you speak at my event? I’d love that. If you’re a media outlet, please let me know which outlet and what you’d like to talk about and how I can help. If you’d like me to speak at your event, please be sure to include the city, dates, and length of the talk or breakout session.

If you’re a podcaster or planning a tele-summit: I love having great conversations, but I almost never agree to anything where I’m required to get on an intro call with you before we can record the interview, or required to promote the final interview in a specific way.

Head to my Media page for more information reaching out.

Do you accept guest posts for publication on your website? No. All of the writing is done by me.

Do you still take on life coaching clients for personal leadership coaching? Yes. Head to my life coaching page.

Do you do any business consulting or organizational coaching? Yes. I’m the Director of Leadership With Courage, a program that brings coaching skills to managers and leaders in organizations. We work within corporate, non-profits, education, and with startups to train managers in coaching skills that create workplaces people actually want to belong to. When people feel good at work, efficiency goes up, morale is boosted, people are more loyal, you have no problems attracting top talent, and that influences the financial bottom line, as well.

I work with HR departments (usually with the Leadership Development Specialist) to create and facilitate customized programs within their organizations, and I can also speak at company events and conferences.

Is “Courageous” really your last name? Nope! My last name is Swoboda. But I do have “courageous” tattooed on my right shoulder, in sanskrit.


Who designed your website, branding, and visual identity? My husband, artist Andrew Rado. 



Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was the courageous thing to do, obviously.



What’s your background/degree/training? I’ve been a coach since 2006–for more than a decade. I have a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in women’s studies, and my M.A. in Psychology with an emphasis on educational psychology. I also hold a PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation. My coach training consisted of two years of training and mentorship with a now-defunct program called Interchange, numerous ongoing education workshops with the Challenge Day organization, and I’ve also taken on additional coursework in theory of personality, research methods and design (as they apply to behavior change data analysis), lifespan development, and abnormal psychology. I’ve completed graduate-level coursework in diagnosis, group counseling, and different approaches to counseling. I’ve regularly attended workshops and self-educated on issues surrounding race, sexism and gender inequality, the effect of neo-capitalist and US-backed imperialist practices on disadvantaged countries, and more.