change your life

So…you want to change your life. This is a big topic for me, both because I’m someone who wants to change her life and because I talk to a lot of clients who say that they want to change theirs. So how does that actually happen? And when you want to change your life but it’s just not happening, why is that? What’s getting in the way? That’s what I dig into, in Episode 2 of the new Your Courageous Life podcast.

Show notes:

  • The importance of knowing your habit-driven patterns and unhooking from “Stories”
  • Deep compassion for yourself (no bullshit, here–because sometimes compassion is hard)
  • Forgive who you were (and what to do when that gets you stuck, all over again
  • Be real about what you feel–purge it–up and out, up and out, up and out
  • Be clear on your boundaries–your own, and with others. And, by the way? Those two are not one and the same.