Kate explains how separating Productivity from Creativity can help quell the Inner Critic. Using unstructured time to exercise Courage Habits is a key component to success. They also talk about knowing what works for you, and adapting when some tactics just don’t work for you. Kate stresses the value in honoring both Creativity and Productivity.

Key Topics (timestamp):
Sharing a Win Against the Saboteur (1:00)
The Separation of Productivity and Creativity (6:15)
Knowing What Works for You (14:30)
Setting a Time to Create (18:45)
Adopting Ideas vs. Appropriation (27:00)
Breaking the Rules (38:00)
Letting the Horse Come to You (45:00)

The Courage Habit podcast was co-hosted with Andy Sewell of Audio Ephemera (https://www.audioephemera.com), who’s also the rockstar behind post-production of each episode.