Courage Habit : Reframing our stories

We express ourselves through telling stories. As our lives evolve, those stories evolve. We will all have many starts and stops through our personal and professional lives, and those transitions are chances to reframe those stories. Kate challenges Andy on how he initially sees his transition from a corporate career to a career as a freelance creative.

Key Topics (timestamp):
Reframing the Story (1:00)
Being Adaptive (12:00)
Sticking With What You Start (15:45)
You are Allowed to Leave the Things Not Meant for You (20:30)
You are Writing the Story to Come (26:45)
The Core of Who You are is Always There (28:00)

The Courage Habit podcast was co-hosted with Andy Sewell of Audio Ephemera (, who’s also the rockstar behind post-production of each episode.