Courage Habit : Telling Your Story

Kate and Andy explore the reactions to the Inner Critic and if reactions can be tied to the situation. Do you attack your Inner Critic or become a people pleaser in certain situations? Taking a look at how to react can give you insight into creating Courage based habits. Also, understanding who you are and how you believe the world works can also provide great insight. Telling your story to others is never about their impression – it’s all about how you feel about your story.

Key Topics (timestamp):
Noticing Your Reactions to the Inner Critic (1:00)
Telling Your Story (10:00)
Being Comfortable vs. Performative (20:15)
Talking About Transitions (24:00)

The Courage Habit podcast was co-hosted with Andy Sewell of Audio Ephemera (, who’s also the rockstar behind post-production of each episode.