Let me guess: You’re tired of the stress.

There’s stress about what’s happening in the world, about money, about relationships, parenting, about your to-do list–and this cocktail of worry, overwhelm, and self-doubt has gotten old.


You’re also smart–you’ve tried things to combat the stress. Problem is: those things just haven’t worked.


Why is that?

  • Because behind stress, worry, and overwhelm is a fear pattern–like perfectionism, people-pleasing, self-sabotage, or pessimism. You’ve certainly heard of those labels before, but you might not realize that they’re running on auto-pilot.
  • You see the stress. The fear-based pattern behind the stress is what’s harder to see. The fear-based pattern is hiding out behind the scenes, at the root of the stress.
  • When your fear-based patterns run on autopilot, they control your life. There’s more stress, less presence, and it all feels out of control. Over-thinking and analysis paralysis take over, until it seems easier to just Netflix and chill (while that book doesn’t get written, the business doesn’t get built, the fun and adventure get pushed to the back burner).


Once you see the pattern clearly, you are empowered to change.

With the Courageous Living Program, you will:

Get clear on the patterns

 For some reason, you’ve habitually held yourself back from living bigger. Get clear on the patterns and find out why. Again, it’s science. Your behavior patterns are habits that have wired in the brain. You need to see them clearly, to unhook them.

Create a bold vision

It’s time to remember your Most Courageous Self. You’ve met her, before. She says, Why not? She’s righteous about justice at the same time that she calls forth her laughter. She’s energized by people who tell the truth, she delights in the senses, and she’s a helluva lot of fun to be around–so she’d really love to come out, more often.

Learn the habit of courage

The life you want is waiting. Anyone can build new behavioral habits that have them feeling less stressed and more resourced and capable. The key is understanding how habits work in the brain, so that you can interrupt the old loop and create something new.

It’s time to stop letting the stress chip away at your life.

Six powerful modules 

Modeled after what it’s like to work one-on-one with a life coach, The Courageous Living Program includes seven powerful learning modules that have been engineered to help you create courage as a lifelong habit. Within each module, exercises break down the concepts and give you ways to start practicing the tools, now–today.

Daily, sustained progress = daily, sustained results.

Make Learning Fun

Powered by AccessAlly(R) technology, each Courageous Living Program module is organized to walk you through the process of building a skill-set, step by step, and track your progress as you go along. You’ll receive a secret message at the completion of each exercise, and retain information with a review at the end of each module.


Worksheets, audios, and accountability

Each lesson has a slightly different format. For some, you’ll be utilizing an audio exercise, and for others, you’ll download a worksheet and contemplate the questions. Accountability is built into the program with reminders and prompts to stay consistent. Lesson content is broken down into smaller, doable pieces so that you can learn in small, 15-minute increments each day.


A few things Courageous Living Program users
have said:

“You will have access to powerful and amazing tools right from the start. I can personally speak to the power of the program, DOing the work, and Kate’s way of illuminating the path.” — D. S.

“My favourite lesson is that I can choose joy in each and every moment. If I’m having a “bad” day I look at myself and then ask myself how can I choose joy right now. I seek joy out and I feel so much better for it.” — H.T.

“I like the style with which the course is written [… it] put the power in my hands and got me to consider things differently.” — E. S.

“I enjoy ‘spending time’ with ‘virtual’ Kate. It’s like having an old friend you don’t see all that often, but the long standing support is in place.” — K.C.

Begin today, get lifetime access.

The Courageous Living Program is $125. Included in the program:

  • All 6 program modules, complete with worksheets, audios, and your private user login to track progress

  • Lifetime access to all program updates

  • BONUS: access nineteen full-length interviews exclusive to the Courageous Living Program.

BONUS: courageous interviews

About Kate

I’m Kate Swoboda.  I’m a writer and facilitator on the topic of habit-formation and psychological courage. I particularly explore how these tools can be used for women’s wellbeing and leadership–at home, at work, and in our communities.

The Courageous Living Program is part of the toolkit that I offer to help people stop getting stuck in the stress that results from fear-based habits run amok, and start getting clear and courageous in their lives. 

My approach in sharing these tools is rooted in a background as a curriculum designer and professor, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, my work with one-on-one life coaching clients since 2006 (yep, I’ve been on the internet THAT long) and my research into the science of courage and the neuropsychology of habit-formation when I wrote The Courage Habit.

Also? I’ve so been there. The frustration of trying to change, feeling stuck, taking a deep breath and trying some new strategy, only to…go right back to the same old habits? Yeah. I know this space. Every single tool I offer in The Courageous Living Program is one I’ve used myself, and I’ve seen the powerful results that clients have shared in their lives. This is work that is straightforward, actionable, and deep. Go all-in, and get prepared to AMAZE yourself.

What more is possible, when you release the stress? 

You + This Work

You don’t need endless navel-gazing analysis or more vision board workshops; you need intelligent self-help.

This is the program for people who are truly ready for change–now.

This is the program for people who are sick of wasting time on doubt, hesitation, second-guessing, and inner critic anxiety.

This is the program for people who are tired of the endless stream of stuff pulling your attention in fifty different directions.

This is the program for people who know that it’s time to seriously commit and get some serious results.

The Courageous Living Program takes a strategic and heart-centered approach to working with fear: let’s get real about the stress, how it’s tied to fear patterns, and use habit-formation to unhook from the habits that don’t work, and create the habits that make life easier. You’ll root in your truest values and in making a difference, get clear on the internal self-talk that makes that challenging, and take pro-active steps to make changes.

I won’t tell you to “think positive.” This is an intelligent and strategic approach to creating your courageous life, and you’re charting the course–

–not the old fears,
–not what other people think,
–not the soul-sucking job,
–not the amount of money in your bank account.

You’re the one who created the life you’ve been living–and you’ll be the one creating your courageous life, now.

Courage isn’t what you have; it’s what you choose to practice.