developing good habits

When people talk about developing good habits , they’re wanting to know how to make regular and consistent choices that support being their best selves.

To develop better habits, I ask clients to think about what they desire, the most. When I talk with people about how to let their most courageous selves emerge, we’re having a conversation about how to let the things that they want most for their lives, take up more room in their life (less people-pleasing, more going after what they want).

When you let the things that your most courageous self would be excited about, be your guideposts for change, the process of developing good habits is more fun. Habit-formation that’s based in fear, or in trying to change something about your life because you’re afraid of not changing is not only less fun, it’s less effective.

Want to get started with developing good habits through a process of what your most courageous self desires? Start with the Shift Plan, a guide for getting clear about what you want and what it’ll take, to shift.

From there, you start developing good habits by picking just a few things to focus on.

Want to write that book that you know is in you? Developing good (writing) habits will mean looking at why you desire the goal of writing the book, and what you’ll need to do regularly, to make it happen.

Want to change careers? What are the habits that go into that?

Want to be more courageous? Developing good habits that are also courageous habits means you start looking at what area of your life you’d like to be more courageous in—perhaps speaking up on the job, or with creative expression as you start showing your artwork to other people—and from there, make a point of examining the habits that surround courageous choices.

Whether you want to change something tangible or something personal to your way of being, thinking about developing good habits starts with thinking about what you want and then looking at the habits that will make that come to fruition.