If you want to learn how to trust yourself, you’ve got to start unpacking your fear-based thinking and habits, and then start to understand where you look for “the” answer in the form of something external or the circumstances being “just right” (for instance, when we think that before we can be courageous people, something outside of us has to change, we’re stuck in just that paradigm).

Watch this video to learn how to avoid getting stuck in looking for answers, and start to learn how to trust yourself.

1. Understand what’s dangerous about looking for “the” answer – it suggests there is something wrong with you (there’s nothing wrong with you)
2. Stop looking for the “answer” and follow your inner YES, instead.
3. Learn how to flow with change, over time.

Trust Yourself

We often fail to trust ourselves because we’re…afraid. We’re afraid that we can’t trust ourselves or our impulses, because we’ve made mistakes in the past. So here’s something to consider: can you trust yourself to recover from your mistakes?

After all…you’re here, right?

The more that you see that you can transcend your past and recover from mistakes, the more you can trust yourself to move in the direction of what you really want, and know that you’re going to be okay. Do this enough, over time? You’re creating courageous habits. You’re developing resilience. And pretty soon, you’re going to amaze yourself with how much more you feel capable of.

If you want to trust yourself, watch the video and then start practicing the tools that are shared.