Someone told me that when they first met me and I introduced myself as a life coach, they’d hesitated before becoming friends, purely based on the job title.

“It seems like most life coaches are running around thinking they know how people should be living their lives,” they said.

And together, now friends, we rolled our eyes at the marketing that creates this mis-perception.

Life Coach Confesses: She Doesn’t “Know”

Look, even I admit that I dispense a lot. I speak from my experience and the experience of thousands of hours of interaction with people. I’m declarative, and some interpret that as authoritative.

Nonetheless, I don’t presume to know what you “should” be doing with your life.

I couldn’t know what the “right” choices are, for anyone else. I endeavor to practice love, no matter what people’s choices are, which means accepting that none of us can “know” with any certainty.

Sometimes, I fail miserably at practicing love in the way I’ve worked it out in my head. Even I, the life coach, has some conception of an ideal in mind and she falls short.

The only experience I ever want to offer, is holding space for what your experience is.

And perhaps the only thing I’ve ever wanted to say in any really definitive way is that when we hide out from who we truly are, we sell our lives short.

Cut the bullshit and go all the way in; tell the truth about who you actually are, I want to say.

Hello, fear.
Hello, courage.