It is okay…

…to not be ready, yet.

…to change your mind.

…to speak your truth (respectfully).

…to think you’re ready and then realize you’re not.

…to take a few steps forward and then a few steps back.

…to BE your journey, wherever you are at, wherever that is, in whatever part of the process that is.

…to apologize.

…to get vulnerable.

…to feel angry or sad.

…to be organized.

…to feel unbalanced and disorganized.

…to not make art every day.

…to have chocolate in the afternoons.

…to not like someone.

Whatever shows up for you is part of this experience, right here, right now. It is okay to be who you are, where you are (it’s better than okay–it’s the only thing that’s possible!).

Here’s my only encouragement: don’t get out of the game.

It’s okay to not like someone. Just don’t step out of the game of hoping that you can find ways to have compassion, to find points of commonality.

It’s okay to not make art every day. Just don’t beat yourself up so much that you step out of the game of making art, altogether.

It’s okay to be organized. Just don’t step out of the game of cutting yourself slack when needed, when life calls for randomness and lack of organization.

I like reminding myself of this–remembering that wherever I’m at is fine, and wherever you’re at is fine, too, and we’re going to be fine together as long as neither of us step out of the game of accepting ourselves and each other.