Your courageous life won’t happen, by accident. It will happen, because you choose.

Your courageous life won’t happen, by accident. It will happen, because you choose.

1:1 coaching and mentoring 


Perhaps you’re looking around at your life, thinking that feeling fulfilled, turning ideas into action, and time management should be so simple–just focus on your priorities, right?
Yet somehow, it doesn’t work out that way.

Somehow, in the day-to-day grind of work and bills and to-do lists, I see so many incredibly smart women–women with big vision, a ton of heart n’ hustle, and deep desires–feel like there’s no room in their lives to actually create what they want.  

I see that you try (like, really-really-really try). Every client I’ve ever worked with, has tried all the things–the books, workshops, and so much more. Lack of willingness to try, isn’t the issue.

The issue is that when you contemplate making changes so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled, you often feel one of two things: either you’re wild with creative energy but stuck in all the reasons why it can’t happen (no money, no time, no support with the kids or the housework, a loud inner critic, a demanding family, a marriage that feels stuck…), or you realize that you’re just too damned tired to add One More Thing–even if it is your own deepest desires for happiness–onto your plate.

But here’s the thing: every day that you don’t choose differently, you reinforce the old patterns.

Fear-based patterns of people-pleasing, perfectionism, pessimism and self-sabotage underlie why we don’t feel good about our lives. These are the patterns that hold you back from your true potential.

These fear-based patterns drive feelings of “not good enough,” of comparisons, internal judgments and criticisms, feeling disconnected as parents or within our marriages. We stop trusting ourselves. We get stuck. 

Over time, those patterns become habits. Soon, the habits are running on auto-pilot and it goes to the next level–becoming our “identity.” We start calling ourselves ‘perfectionists’ or ‘people-pleasers,’ forgetting that we weren’t born this way.

We weren’t born this way; we learned this way.

The good news?

When you decide–truly decide–that you’re not going to spend another year of your life spinning your wheels, that’s when everything can change. You can re-wire these fear-based habits, and create your entire life from a place of courage.

This isn't overly-optimistic self-help cheerleading.

This is the psychology of courage (it’s an actual thing) and the neuropsychology of habit-formation (also an actual thing) mixed in with pragmatic tools backed by behavioral science research. This is the work of stepping into your life from a place of courage and leadership.


Through 1:1 coaching, you’ll learn the skill-set of courageous living, and start to…

Unhook from the critic

You’ll learn how to stop the exhausting (and fruitless) fight against the critic, and start managing it, differently. When you stop letting your internal critic control you, you also unhook from people-pleasing and perfectionism.
What would your life look like, if you were your own best advocate?

Take charge of time

Not enough time, not enough space, too busy, too overwhelmed…it’s probably left you exhausted, stressed, and showing physical symptoms such as headaches, laying awake at night thinking about your to-do list, or back-to-back colds. What would your life look like, if you were the one fully in charge of your time?

Connect to courage

Speaking up for yourself, feeling more confident, knowing that even if life throws you a curveball everything is figure-outable…that’s connecting to courage. To connect with courage is to truly connect to yourself. What would your life look like, if courage was not just a concept, but your way of being? 

Get unstuck

Get clear on your deepest desires and values, especially those that lurk under the surface and feel tricky to articulate. Perhaps right now you feel like you know you’re meant for more…but you’re just not sure what that is (or you’ve thought you were sure, before, but then the new direction felt all wrong). What would your life look like, if you had decided on your purpose and aligned your life with that purpose?

Connect to others

You know that you want something more than surface-level conversations. You’ve read Brene Brown. You know that vulnerability and connection are cornerstones of a good life. You also know that you’ve got to start speaking your truth in your relationships and practicing the tools of connection, to get there. What would your life look like, if you felt you could truly be yourself, with others?

Live 100% fully alive

Fun. Joy. Spontaneous adventures. A life soaked with art, music, great food, and color. When we over-work, find ourselves saying “yes” to everyone else and “no” to ourselves, constantly struggle around money or conflict in relationships, our lives become drained of pleasure. To-do lists run our lives. What would your life look like if you were absolutely uncompromising about living 100% fully alive? 

How will life be different? There are so many ways:

“When I first begun working with Kate I felt “stuck”, tired, and at least a bit angry. With humor, kindness, great “tools”, and lots of hard-won wisdom, Kate has guided and supported me in making changes in attitude and behavior that have lead me to a new enthusiasm for life, a renewed sense of direction, and greater self-respect. I feel enormously indebted to Kate. She has taught me things I wish my mother had (and that I can now pass on to my children). Not the least is how critical self-care is to a balanced life. I had heard this everywhere, forever – but Kate helped me to make it real in so many creative, do-able ways. In doing so, I not only feel better about life and about myself, I have also become a much better spouse, mother, and friend. Honestly, I feel I could have made my way through life to date with less emotional trauma and greater confidence had a learned the lessons Kate has taught me at an earlier age!”


“I feel like a completely different person from my first session with you in the Spring. Thank you so much for helping me find my inner courage. You helped me find what I was struggling to find in myself. When I look back at this time in my life I will always think of you!


“Back when we were coaching regularly, one of my goals was to get out of debt. Well, as of today (!), I am officially debt-free except for my student loan payments. Oh yeah! That’s right! It is so fun to look back on my notes from our coaching time together. Dream school, check! Italy, check! Debt-free, check! So I’m writing to tell you that I soooooo deeply appreciate the work you put into our coaching sessions. The benefits continue to pour in, and I still find myself using the tools you taught me. Thank YOU for helping people like me live our best lives (and for living yours so beautifully).”

“My life has changed in many positive ways since I started my coaching with Kate. I began being coached because I wanted help to start writing a book but I gained far more than this. My relationships with my husband and family have improved so much and I have been able to work through situations that could have been very challenging and negative, in a far less stressful way. I have tools that I use constantly, through Kate’s suggestion, that help when life gets tough or I need to take time to re-energise. I always feel supported and that means a lot when I am working through challenging areas of my life. I find myself energised for the rest of the day and it is always a day where I make great strides forward. I am careful to make sure that day is free so I can work on my goals, not wanting to lose the good energy I gain from one hour with you. It has always been a positive experience.”

“Kate Swoboda is a purveyor of possibility! She has really helped me to believe in my own possibility and urges me to make my own path. She has also helped me realize the importance of acknowledging myself and my accomplishments however tiny they may be. She lovingly pushes me to play to the edges of my fears and is there with her gentle reassuring voice if I let my fears get the best of me. She has taught me the importance of goal setting and achieving, which was something I never paid attention to before and has proven to be a great motivator for me. She also has quite a knack for discovering what’s going on beneath the surface that never fails to amaze me. If you’re ready to see tangible changes in your world, then Kate should be in your life!”

“I gained a better understanding of myself and an acceptance of who I am at this moment. I also learned how powerful it is to shine a light and talk about the parts of myself I was ashamed about. I felt empowered after our sessions. I was definitely more connected to myself and loved how you gave me tools to work through what we encountered in our sessions. I moved past the fear of quitting my job and going full-time in my business. In a few weeks I will have been self-employed for 6 months and business couldn’t be better.”

“The coaching sessions with Kate were so, so helpful. They softened my approach and left me considering things from a far more positive and proactive direction than the more cynical place I started out at. “


“Kate: I want to thank you for putting yourself out into the world – creating the Courageous Programs, the retreats, your coaching practice, and YOU. The Courageous Year (and Program) changed my world in so many ways; a day doesn’t go by without me putting something I learned into practice. Your teaching style is powerful, and full of HEART. I think the fact that you often use yourself as an example while teaching is so generous, and makes things very relatable. I wholeheartedly recommend the Courageous Program. If you are ready for stepping into your power, living big, and BEing present in your life, buy a guide and see where it takes you. I won’t sugar coat it…there is work involved. This is not a quick fix – what you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it (as with anything). You will however, have access to powerful and amazing tools right from the start. I can personally speak to the power of the guides, DOing the work, and Kate’s way of illuminating the path. My experience with the Courageous Program (and Kate), was world-rockingly good.”

About Kate

I’m Kate Swoboda. I’m a life coach, speaker, and writer.

Professionally: I’ve been coaching clients since 2006 (totaling more than 1,000 hours of coaching) and have a PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation. I’m also the author of The Courage Habit (named a “top book on habits” by Book Riot). As Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, I’ve trained coaches in the skill-set of coaching. I’ve lead retreats around the world (Italy, yes!), spoken at conferences, and my work has been featured in USA Today, The Intelligent Optimist, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good, and the BBC. I have a BA in Sociology, and because I’m lifelong nerd on all things behavioral, I’m also finishing up a Masters in Psychology (that’ll be done in late 2020).

Personally: I’ve walked through the tender terrain that my clients have walked through. I’ve been that person who’s hustling hard for all the wrong things, unaware of where I was making choices out of fear, struggling to balance between big vision dreams and the realities of day-to-day life and demands on my time. These things get complicated when we’re unconsciously stuck in fear-based patterns that have become habits, running on auto-pilot. I revisit the work in my life as a mother, in my 15+ year relationship with my beloved, and as CEO of my business, managing a team of 10+ people. 

Coaching style: I see every coaching client as someone I’m coming into partnership with. We’re working together towards the common goal of you stepping into your Most Courageous Self, however that looks for you. My coaching style is a mix of creating empathic room to feel what needs to be felt, with getting real about the actions you’ll need to take to see real change. I don’t do “tough love” (if it’s got to be tough, it’s not love) or emphasize rigid accountability structures–you’re an adult and don’t need to be yelled at into getting your life together–but I do absolutely want more for you than rah-rah cheerleading. We merge soul with action, roots with taking off, and we explore the nuances of life and being human.

The most empowered leaders, whether leading in their lives or at work, know that leadership isn’t about a role; it’s about how you live. We’re stepping into something deeper and richer, and we’re doing it, together.


What do my clients truly want?
To feel free. To make a difference. To have more fun. To be a connected parent. To resolve past hurts. To change the world. To let the truth of who they are on the inside, be how they actually live, on the outside.

Working together: all the details:

I work with clients for three-months at a time. Applications open in January for coaching February, March, and April, and applications open in August for coaching from September through November. Our work together includes the following elements.

Pre-Session Work

We start with pre-session questions–but these aren’t just any pre-session questions. Think of these questions as soulful questions that invite you into something beyond just doing-hustling-more-doing, and into exploring a new way of being and understanding for who you truly are. My clients have shared that the pre-session questions I give them are valuable in and of themselves. The gears start turning and the challenges become clearer–as well as the desires.


Coaching materials such as access to my Courageous Living Program, a signed copy of The Courage Habit, worksheets, and a book bundle and swag bag are all included in our work together (you’ll receive them in-person at our deep dive). Periodically, I may recommend additional books depending on what arises in our sessions, and those books are included, as well.

In-Person Deep-Dive

You’ll fly in to meet me in San Francisco, California for an in-person deep dive to kick off our work together. As part of working together, you’ll get a flight reimbursement up to $400, included. Lodging at a hotel is also included as part of coaching together. We meet from 9am-noon to start a deep dive into what the work–your work–will be all about, and we’ll begin clarifying your deepest desires, mapping out timelines, playing with possibilities, and refining your primary focus. From noon to 2pm, you’ll spend some quiet time digesting what we’ve talked about, journaling, integrating. We reconnect from 2-5pm, to talk about insights you’ve had and see what else needs refining.

Between-session support

Between sessions, we’ll have periodic check-ins to see how you’re doing and what’s coming up for you. We grow in community and through connection, and I consider every client I work with to be someone I’m partnering with, in their growth.

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

After our in-person deep dive, we’ll meet for one-on-one coaching sessions over the phone. Three sessions monthly, up to 90 minutes. These sessions will be oriented around your primary focus and we’ll proactively address Over the course of three months, you’ll emerge seeing how you can take charge of your time, do more of what lights you up in life, and look in the mirror knowing that you feel good about who you are and the life you live.

Custom practices

I custom-design practices that are specific for every client. Practices are tools, exercises, and action steps used between each one-on-one coaching session. They accelerate your growth through coaching and make the work actionable so that you’re not just talking about change–you’re actually making changes.


How can we work together?

Everything starts with filling out the application, which is linked at the bottom of this page (look for the hot pink button).

What happens after I fill out the application?

We’ll arrange a time to have a short, 30-minute call where we talk about what you’d like to get from coaching together and ask me any questions you’d like.

What's included, if we work together?

A pre-session questions review; an in-person deep dive day (you’ll fly to me in California, and I’ll put you up in a great hotel); 3 one-on-one coaching sessions per month; materials; between-session support; customized practices.

Less tangible, but also included? Intensive personal transformation–taking charge of your time, better boundaries, releasing perfectionism, more connection, and flat-out amazing yourself when you see what you’re really capable of.

Also? Surprises. I love them. You never know when they’ll show up at your door.

I charge $1500 per month, with a 3-month commitment, for everything that is included above.

What are your credentials?

I’ve been a life coach since 2006–so, for more than a decade. I’m PCC certified with the International Coaching Federation and as Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, I’ve trained brand-new coaches from the ground, up, to create successful coaching businesses helping clients from around the world. I also have a BA in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies, and I’m finishing up my Masters in Psychology. I have logged more than 1,000 hours coaching. I’ve studied the psychology of courage, neuropsychology of habit-formation, and behavioral science.

I want to be ICF Certified. Can you Mentor coach me?

Yes. I have my PCC with the International Coaching Federation and I am allowed to act as a Mentor Coach for those seeking the ACC or PCC for their own ICF Certification. Your hours coaching with me can count towards ICF Certification (they require 10 hours over the course of three months). Let me know when we begin working together that you are wanting to secure your ICF certification.

I specifically offer personal coaching to all clients; our work together will be focused on how you move your life forward personally, and would not include coaching assessments or feedback on your coaching.

I'm in therapy. How can coaching help?

This is a great conversation to have with your therapist, who can help you assess whether or not coaching will be helpful. As a coach, I’m not trained in diagnosis and ethically, I want you to have the best possible support around this question–your therapist is a great resource, for that.

For some people coaching can be a great adjunct to complement therapeutic work. Most of my clients have also been in therapy.

With that said, I cannot work with clients who have an active diagnosis–if you are struggling with clinical depression, an eating disorder, bipolar spectrum, etc., I want you to have the best possible support for those experiences and that’s with a therapist.

I'm not sure if I should start coaching, or not. Can you help me decide?

I would suggest starting with The Courage Habit, if you’re feeling stuck around whether or not to begin. The exercises in The Courage Habit can help you distill whether it’s fear talking, or it’s just not the right fit to start coaching. (Also, let’s drop the “shoulds,” right?).

What if I just read your book or take one of your programs?

That’s also an awesome option. The Courageous Living Program is here, and the Courage Habit is here. If we work together through coaching, both are included as part of working together, but they can be purchased separately.

Can I just do the in-person day? Or just do the 1:1 sessions?

Absolutely. A one-on-one in-person day is $3,000 and includes your flight, meals, and hotel.

One-on-one coaching without the in-person day is $1500/monthly for 3 sessions and includes the materials, pre-session review, and all other offerings that are part of how I work with any other client.

How much time will it take?

Per week, anticipate approximately 60-90 minutes for our sessions, and approximately 1-2 hours for practices in-between sessions. Those are the more structured time commitments. However, you can anticipate that the deeper you go into doing the work, the more you’ll be thinking about the work itself–you’ll be asking yourself, “Who am I, really? And what do I really want?” As each new situation arises, you’ll likely have more questions even as others become clearer.

a courageous life happens, because you make a choice. Here’s where we begin.

I work with clients in 3-month cycles each year, from February-March-April or from September-October-November. Applications are accepted in January and August of each year. Click the button below, to let me know a bit more about you and your interest in coaching.