live from where the truth resides

The day that I decided I was done with client no-shows, late payments, offering a gazillion different freebies to prove my worth before a client would decide to work together, holding back in a session for fear that a client would get upset if I stopped colluding with her story that she couldn’t create what she wanted to create in her life, not fully being myself in blog posts, running “giveaways” and every other manner of salesy gimmicks just because business “experts” said I should…the day that I decided that that wasn’t worth it, anymore, everything changed.

A core idea behind the Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program, is this: if you’re not running your business, your way, it doesn’t matter how much money you make (also, you’re probably not making much money. Money is slow in coming when people are inauthentic).

Here’s a little love note that I received the other day:

“I’m reading the Blueprint, just got it yesterday, thinking, “What the hell. Good people are recommending this; you’re at a crossroads, tired and bored of your business. You’ve meant to go back to coaching for some time. Read it.”

And so I did and am.  And as I read, I want to hug you often. 

I’m not a gushy person, generally, but the honesty with which you talk about yourself is really doing wonders for me, seeing the same thought patterns, observations, and complete UNWILLINGNESS not to be 100% aligned with what I do in life anymore.

There is more, deeper fulfillment, and I know it, and it’s gotta work for me, or Hell, why are we in this game.

So I thank you for offering me a mirror in a kind voice, smart eyes and clearly, generous heart. I appreciate it.”

The same is true for my life coach training program. People have told me they’d sign up if it was less money (even though costs only a third of other training programs, but I digress); they’d do it if the calls were on a different day; they’d do it if life wasn’t so busy right now.

And honestly? Those are all completely legitimate reasons to wait on diving in to something. I don’t mind. I think that it’s good when people are honoring themselves and their needs.

But at the same time, I also recognize if this is not a clear, resonant, YES, it’s not the right fit. If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it.

In fact, if it’s a resonant YES, you’ll feel it in your body. Your body doesn’t lie. When it’s the right fit, it’s molecular. Every cell knows when the truth of what you desire is right there, and every cell knows when you’re cheating yourself by keeping yourself from what you want.

The excitement can barely be held back (and right on the tail end of that, the fear, because that’s what happens when you’re stepping out into the unknown).

In short:

Yes, you could be more accommodating and find endless ways to change things up so that everyone gets exactly what they want–but really, you’ll never feel quite right about that. Not deep down. Not where the truth resides.

So there it is. Live from the place where the truth resides. Set up your career, your business from that place. Set up your relationship from that place. When you connect to that, and live from that, it is impossible to go astray.