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Kate Swoboda (aka, “Kate Courageous”)

Kate Swoboda is Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification and creator of YourCourageousLife.com, where she teaches people how to change old patterns of self-doubt and create courageous habits (and courageous lives) using the neuropsychology of habit-formation. She helps individuals who feel stuck start connecting to their most courageous selves, and she helps companies to create more innovative office cultures where teams at every level feel valued for their contribution to the whole.

Kate was deemed one of the top 50 bloggers in health, fitness and happiness by Greatist. She has contributed to Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, Lifetime Moms, The Intelligent Optimist, MindBodyGreen, Business Insider, and more. She has been a consultant for teams within businesses, and she’s spoken at conferences and seminars on the topic of courage as it relates to personal development, releasing overwhelm, business and marketing, money mindset, wellness, increasing emotional resilience, and healthy goal-setting using habit-formation techniques.

Her first book, The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life (New Harbinger Publications) will be on shelves in spring 2018.


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kate swoboda your courageous life

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