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Danielle LaPorteKate Swoboda has a beautiful gift for interpreting what’s really going on. Like that friend who can read you in a glance, Kate can get to the meaning of a situation in one phrase. It’s a kind of clear courage that inspires more courage in others.”
—Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Desire Map.

On results and transformation:

“I’m more carefree, and my relationship with [my partner] is stronger. I hardly even had any anxiety as we were moving from the U.S. to Istanbul! I’m much more go with the flow and know I can handle whatever bumps in the road come my way. And guess what?!? I finally launched my biz website. I found it hard to hit publish but once I did, it felt so good!

This year has been very transformative for me and you were such a big part of it. I feel like a completely different person from my first session with you in the Spring. Thank you so much for helping me find my inner courage. You helped me find what I was struggling to find in myself. When I look back at this time in my life I will always think of you!”
–Shannon Lynberg

On trusting your inner wisdom:

Kate has helped me go beyond what my mind already knew to a depth where my intuition laid waiting to be unlocked. She gave me the tools and helped me find the courage to use my intuition and the wisdom I never knew I had to find my personal power. I now feel free to accept what “is” and enjoy this beautiful life I created. She is empowering and inspiring with the way she reaches you.”

On Feeling Stuck:

When I first begun working with Kate I felt “stuck”, tired, and at least a bit angry. With humor, kindness, great “tools”, and lots of hard-won wisdom, Kate has guided and supported me in making changes in attitude and behavior that have lead me to a new enthusiasm for life, a renewed sense of direction, and greater self-respect. I feel enormously indebted to Kate. She has taught me things I wish my mother had (and that I can now pass on to my children). Not the least is how critical self-care is to a balanced life. I had heard this everywhere, forever – but Kate helped me to make it real in so many creative, do-able ways. In doing so, I not only feel better about life and about myself, I have also become a much better spouse, mother, and friend. Honestly, I feel I could have made my way through life to date with less emotional trauma and greater confidence had a learned the lessons Kate has taught me at an earlier age!”

On Getting More:

My life has changed in many positive ways since I started my coaching with Kate. I began being coached because I wanted help to start writing a book but I gained far more than this. My relationships with my husband and family have improved so much and I have been able to work through situations that could have been very challenging and negative, in a far less stressful way. I have tools that I use constantly, through Kate’s suggestion, that help when life gets tough or I need to take time to re-energise.”

On Possibility:

Kate Swoboda is a purveyor of possibility! She has really helped me to believe in my own possibility and urges me to make my own path. She has also helped me realize the importance of acknowledging myself and my accomplishments however tiny they may be. She lovingly pushes me to play to the edges of my fears and is there with her gentle reassuring voice if I let my fears get the best of me. She has taught me the importance of goal setting and achieving, which was something I never paid attention to before and has proven to be a great motivator for me. She also has quite a knack for discovering what’s going on beneath the surface that never fails to amaze me. If you’re ready to see tangible changes in your world, then Kate should be in your life!
–Kelly Valentine

On following your bliss:

I gained a better understanding of myself and an acceptance of who I am at this moment. I also learned how powerful it is to shine a light and talk about the parts of myself I was ashamed about. I felt empowered after our sessions. I was definitely more connected to myself and loved how you gave me tools to work through what we encountered in our sessions. I moved past the fear of quitting my job and going full-time in my business. In a few weeks I will have been self-employed for 6 months and business couldn’t be better.”
–Holly Truchan, Union Photographers

On long-term benefits of coaching with me:

“Back when we were coaching regularly, one of my goals was to get out of debt. Well, as of today (!), I am officially debt-free except for my student loan payments. Oh yeah! That’s right! It is so fun to look back on my notes from our coaching time together. Dream school, check! Italy, check! Debt-free, check! So I’m writing to tell you that I soooooo deeply appreciate the work you put into our coaching sessions. The benefits continue to pour in, and I still find myself using the tools you taught me. Thank YOU for helping people like me live our best lives (and for living yours so beautifully).”

On practicing gentleness:

The coaching sessions with Kate were also so, so helpful. They softened my approach and left me considering things from a far more positive and proactive direction than the more cynical place I started out at.”

On getting more than a quick fix:

“Kate: I want to thank you for putting yourself out into the world – creating the Courageous Programs, the retreats, your coaching practice, and YOU. The Courageous Year (and Program) changed my world in so many ways; a day doesn’t go by without me putting something I learned into practice. Your teaching style is powerful, and full of HEART. I think the fact that you often use yourself as an example while teaching is so generous, and makes things very relatable. I wholeheartedly recommend the Courageous Program. If you are ready for stepping into your power, living big, and BEing present in your life, buy a guide and see where it takes you. I won’t sugar coat it…there is work involved. This is not a quick fix – what you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it (as with anything). You will however, have access to powerful and amazing tools right from the start. I can personally speak to the power of the guides, DOing the work, and Kate’s way of illuminating the path. My experience with the Courageous Program (and Kate), was world-rockingly good.”
–D. S.

On the Create Stillness retreats:

“The Create Stillness retreat is everything it’s billed to be and so much more. Every interaction with Kate, from the first moment I booked my spot, was flawless. She was so professional and allayed any concerns I had regarding travel or logistics. The retreat itself was fantastic. The location was perfect, the accommodations were so comfortable, and the group leaders (Kate and Dar) led eye-opening and inspirational group sessions. Kate is amazing coach. She has so much knowledge yet is so down-to-earth. She isn’t afraid to share parts of herself and that makes her so real and approachable. Her courage helped me tap into areas of myself that I wanted to work on. Dar’s photo walk, and discussion afterwards, opened my eyes to the reasons I am a photographer and the beauty of the world around me. Everything about this retreat was so worthwhile. I am a different person after having taken part in the Create Stillness retreat and am so grateful to have experienced it.”
–Annie Kelleher

On what you can learn:

“1. A practice of self care is the essential framework to bring into being whatever you yearn for in your life – and, most importantly, how to integrate self care into your life.
2. Paying attention to what hurts, rather than running away from it, is a more effective way of finding peace.
3. That all that freaky law of attraction stuff DOES work!
4. That every step along the way is just as important as the destination.
5. How to deal with that inner critic and come to believe that maybe you’re not the flakey-never-finish-anything kind of person you used to think you were!
the key thing she helped me realise is – it’s all within me already – I just needed a gentle nudge and an open ear to believe it.”
— F. C.

Praise for The Courageous Living Program

“I am the kind of person who dithers a lot about committing to things like this, but I am so glad I trusted my instincts with this one. I would recommend it (and have done!) to whoever asks. I like the style with which the course is written [… it] put the power in my hands and got me to consider things differently.”
–E. S.

I know Kate does amazing work so I knew I would be getting a quality product. I find it to be a wonderful tool and reminder as I keep growing in life.”
–Brandi Reynolds, JoyRebel.com

This is not a quick fix – what you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it (as with anything). You will however, have access to powerful and amazing tools right from the start. I can personally speak to the power of the guides, DOing the work, and Kate’s way of illuminating the path.”
–D. S.

“It’s really interesting to begin to see how so many of these things are connected–the inner kid, the blame story, forgiveness, being in integrity with myself…It’s definitely freeing, and I’m so glad to have had the courage to begin the process.”

“The questions you pose have spurred me on to explore how I can better use my time and talents. I value your gift for writing things how they are, for not glossing over issues and for challenging faulty thinking.”

“I enjoy ‘spending time’ with ‘virtual’ Kate. It’s like having an old friend you don’t see all that often so you lose the day to day detail but the long standing support is in place. In a lot of ways its like holding a mirror up to myself and having someone there to make sure I see reality. Really the program for me is about accepting myself, appreciating myself and having the courage to let other people accept and appreciate me.”

“It’s helped me to stop ‘doing’ all the time and start ‘being’ and ask myself what ‘being’ means to me and what I
want my life to be as I move forward. It’s been a tough few months, but I’ve really stepped up to take responsibility for my life and stop simply going through the motions.”

“I think my favourite lesson (and the one I return to the most) is that I can choose joy in each and every moment. If I’m having a “bad” day I look at myself and then ask myself how can I choose joy right now. I seek joy out and I feel so much better for it. I am so thankful to you, Kate, for your incredible wisdom and guidance.”

“I hope it doesn’t sound like too much of an overstatement to say that the sample chapter was worth, to me, $125 before I even received the rest of the e-book! (Feel free to use that as a testimonial).”

“I see it [The Program] as a life companion for the next year. It is written in a compassionate but also true way, which I do like very much.”

Praise for Coaching Blueprint

“The Coaching Blueprint from Kate Swoboda is like Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions for life coaches…and by that I mean you are going to want to own this; it will change how you think about coaching and how you practice.”
–Rachel W. Cole, Life Coach, www.rachelwcole.com

I sincerely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…I seriously felt like you wrote it for where I am with my business and I was really struck by the discussion of the spiritual aspect of creating a business. I had never thought of it that way and reading that has helped me see a lot of my judgment and criticism around how slowly I am moving and I sense myself opening my heart to letting it unfold.”
–Valerie Tookes, Holistic Health Coach www.valerietookes.com

“I’m eating up the interviews with the ten coaches and two counselors interviewed for the Blueprint. This alone is worth the price of admission, since paying for 30-60 minutes of time from each of them would probably set you back 15-20 times the cost of the Blueprint itself!”
–Alexis Helmrath www.alexishelmrath.com

“Your voice comes across really clearly, with deep sincerity. Your motivation to be of service to coaches is transparent and ALIVE. You push people’s comfort zones, which is so important, and then you assure them that you know you’re pushing, but it’s only because you love them…what a service you’re providing in creating this.”
–Rachael Maddox, Life Coach

“I am so excited–I love your genuine, upfront approach! I know I am going to learn a lot.
–Nancy Jane, www.nancyjanesmith.com

“The Coaching Blueprint has opened my eyes on what I truly need to lay a solid foundation and build my practice from the ground up. Working through Section One (Foundation) provided me with more value than any class I’ve taken.  The Coaching Blueprint encouraged me to dig into what feels right for me and gave me the guidance, support and tools I need to create a practice that reflects who I am at my core so I can best serve others. ”
–Debra Smouse, www.debrasmouse.com

The Coaching Blueprint helped me gain clarity around my offerings, and weed out some of the things that were not really in service to my clients, dreams, and goals. My (design-less!) practice is now growing and evolving beyond my wildest dreams, as I share my love of community-centered strategy, big ideas, and living life unconstrained with the world.”
–Danielle Nelson, www.alifeunconstrained.com

“I’ve read about 50 pages of TCB and I am impressed that you did such a fine, fine job of passionately and elegantly making a beautiful product–worth way more than you charged.”
–Bob Beverley, Psychotherapist, Author of Dear Tiger: A Book for Tiger Woods and For Us All

Loving the Coaching Blueprint!”

I’ve got tingles and I’m only on page ten.”

Absorbing and LOVING The Coaching Blueprint by Kate Courageous!”

“If Kate’s Blueprint had existed sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time and fretting about this stuff… my sales page got an immediate make-over upon reading the Blueprint. It used to be really sales-y. It didn’t feel like me, but I had read some thing about the right way to do and thought I’d try it out. I hated it, and it didn’t resonate with my readers. I am so pleased with my coaching page now–I won’t even call it a sales page. I believe it does sell my service well, but in a way that is aligned with what I offer and how I really communicate. Thanks, Kate!”
–Laura Simms, www.createasfolk.com

It is an amazing amount of quality information that adds so much value to my business and to me. I can see the amount of energy and love that has gone into it and I am so appreciative of you creating it. ”
–Lotus Kruse

“Thank you for the gift of TCB preview; it ROCKS! Love it.
–Carol Neilson

“Just pre-ordered The Coaching Blueprint and I think it’s going to be exactly what I need…on so many levels.”
–Jodi LeBrun

So excited to start Kate Courageous’ The Coaching Blueprint. New Notebook ready to go!
–Kelly J. Dahl

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