For businesses, organizations, groups and clubs: the call to release the grip of fear, practice courageous living, and thrive–in life, and in business.

I offer two talks:

Courage is an Evolutionary Imperative :: I’ll explain why most of us have a backwards approach to working with fear, why that approach persists, and how to turn that around in order to live 100% fully alive and play to your personal edge, amplifying the great. When employees, family members, and communities are willing to practice courageous living, the benefits within the workplace, the home, and in society are enormous.

Dropping the “M” Bomb & Other Marketing Adventures :: Based on the marketing practices in The Coaching Blueprint marketing program for life coaches, I talk about how to take a heart-centered approach to marketing, online writing, the e-scene, social media, and promotion. Ditch the elevator pitches and squeeze pages–if it isn’t feeling natural and authentic, you’re working against yourself.

I customize these talks to best fit the nature of your group and what you want me to address. Courageous living is always at the heart.

Get in Touch

Send me an email or give me a call with information about the size of your group and what I can present that would be most in service to that group–what do want them to take away from our time together?

Email: kate -at- yourcourageouslife -dot- com. Give me the vitals: Date and time, size of the group, and what, in your mind, I could offer that would make this a truly successful experience for everyone involved.


I’ve spoken for:

  • small business organizations
  • chamber of commerce meetings
  • academic groups at colleges and universities
  • conferences and for in-person training seminars