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Courage isn’t something you’re born with. It’s a skill that can be learned and developed. When I talk about courage, it’s with an emphasis on practical, actionable tools for behavior change. I’ve spoken for conferences, small groups, organizations, virtual events, and more.

Generating New Ideas. finding (courageous) solutions.

I’m Kate Swoboda. I’m a life coach, author of The Courage Habit, Director of Training for the an ICF-accredited life coach training program and Leadership With Courage, a leadership development program bringing coaching skills to organizations.

I’ve talked to hundreds of clients across thousands of hours of coaching, and have seen all manner of attempts + successes at behavior change.

When I show up to speak or facilitate for events, it’s with this in mind: People aren’t stupid. Nor are they lazy. People are…perfectly imperfect, which means that sometimes, they get stuck in fear–often without even realizing it. Learning how fear-based behaviors have become habitual, and how to interrupt those patterns and start choosing courage? That changes…everything. When I speak for an organization or event, I’m interested in how we can apply principles of psychological courage and research-backed habit-change practices, to creating profound shifts. 

people say…

“I appreciate all of the different ideas you’ve offered that I haven’t heard at other business trainings. I can tell that you’ve really done your own work and not followed the ‘standard.’ It’s been awesome!” –J.L.

“You model courage; You love us well; You show generosity in a competitive field; You display charming vulnerability; I am thankful.” –L.T.

“Great speaker, great humor, very interesting, great content!” –D.B.

“I liked your questions and the hands-on exercises, especially asking what I stand for. That was powerful for me.” –A.K.

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step up. speak out. create change.

these other people say…

“You talked down-to-earth and real. I liked your story–how you ‘failed’ first and then tried again.” –C.M.

“I am confident that I have everything I need to build a thriving coaching practice. You have been excellent in every way.” –A.S.

“Thank you for teaching me in a clear and accessible way tools I can understand, comprehend, and believe I am capable of using.” –K.D.

“You’ve shared with us the best of what you’ve found, and I’m so glad not to be alone in this journey.” -V.T.

“Inspirational! I can do it!” –F.E.

Courage is applicable in a multitude of ways.

When I work with an organization to develop a keynote, I’m interested in tailoring it to the problems your people struggle with, and the solutions they desire. Here are just a few topics I’ve given keynotes around, in the past. You can also review my speaker kit, here.

Reach out to my PR Coordinator, Zlatina, at connect -at- yourcourageouslife -dot- com with information about your event, including dates + desired topics. 


How to make courage a habit–and break up old, fear-based habits in the process.

How courageous habits promote stress resilience.

The courage to face your critics + speak the truth.

The science of courage + the neuropsychology of habit-formation as it applies to innovative leadership and workplaces people actually *want* to belong to.

Interested in having me on your podcast or interviewing me as a source expert for a print piece? Head here. Do you need more than a speaker–do you need in-house consulting on leadership and organizational development? Head to Leadership With Courage.

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Reach out to my PR Coordinator, Zlatina (connect -at- yourcourageouslife -dot- com) with information about your event, and we’ll get you more information within 2 business days.

and still more people say…

“You can relate to how we want to show up in the world.” –A.G.

“Specific things I loved? That’s hard–I REALLY loved it. Your energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise, and honesty that totally came through!” –S.L.

“You really inspire me to specify my passion and what I stand for.” –B.R.

“Clear, concise, just the right level.” –V.G.

“You’re my kind of person, really– from the heart.” –A.J.