I found this meme at a blog and started looking around to figure out who started it, and didn’t find it (everyone was linking to someone else who linked to someone else…) and now I’m not remembering the blog I found it on. Well, then. Sheesh.

I don’t usually get into memes and things, but this one struck me as tender. I am in one of those cycles where I am noticing all of my tender places and feeling them more acutely and wanting them to be less hidden.

I am: embracing all of it.
I think: there is room for all of us.
I know: that love wins in the end.
I want: to wake up each day feeling fully alive.
I have: cameras coming out of my ears.
I dislike: the way I feel when I’ve had too much caffeine.
I miss: spending hours swinging on the swingset.
I fear: getting so overwhelmed that I give up on myself.
I feel: rollercoasters of emotions; fear, blame, doubt, joy, acceptance, perseverance, excitement…
I hear: the wind whistling outside
I smell: fantastic. :)
I crave: authentic connection; a cohesive tribe.
I usually: have chocolate every day.
I search: for truth-telling in a person’s eyes.
I wonder: how it is that we humans can be so mean to one another.
I regret: the meanness and social awkwardness of my early-mid 20’s, which resulted in the loss of potential friendships.
I love: my partner. All day. Every day. Even when it seems like anything but.
I care: deeply about living my vision for myself.
I am always: in a process of change.
I worry: about not being able to pay the bills.
I remember: the neighborhood I made in the attic for all of my Barbie dolls, and how I could spend hours there.
I have: a startling lack of compassion for Mean Girls, and some shame about that lack of compassion.
I dance: as much as possible!
I sing: in my car, top volume.
I don’t always: eat meat, though sometimes I will (In and Out Burger is a weakness).
I argue: more often than I would like.
I write: because to do so is a space of safety and truth-telling.
I lose: an estimated 3.5 pairs of socks every year.
I wish: that more people believed in possibility.
I listen: carefully.
I don’t understand: why Italian must have so many different verb tenses.
I can usually be found: these days, in my home office!
I am scared: that people might not realize how much I love them, need them, and cherish them.
I need: good books, good people, hugs, community, abundance, artistic expression.
I forget: that life is about the journey, not the destination.
I am happy: when I am fully seen as a fumbling, stumbling, mistake-making, joyful, vibrant, courageous human being.
What about you?