The Drama Diet: Quite possibly the only “diet” that ever feels good to start.

First, a clarification: I’m not so big into “diets” in the conventional sense. I don’t support the diet industry, preying on making people feel insecure in order to purchase a product, especially when those products/regimens/systems ultimately hurt people and don’t fix what’s really at the core. When I’m using the term “diet” here, I’m using it in the context of “cutting out what doesn’t work.”

Drama doesn’t work.

Earlier this year, I had a “fuck it” moment and in a very organic way I said to myself: “I’m going on a drama diet.” What followed thereafter was a systematic evaluation of where I was both tolerating drama and perpetuating it with my responses. I’ve left no stone unturned in examining the drama. I’ve taken loads of stuff to Goodwill, stopped justifying why it was or wasn’t okay to take a particular action and just gone with “It doesn’t feel good, and that’s a good enough reason,” told the truth and told it clean, and I’ve stopped hustling to make relationships/business ventures/commutes/collaborations work when they just…didn’t.

And somewhere along the way, I found more time for sleep and meal planning and exercise, and managed to do the same amount of work in less time.

Want to get on board?

I thought about creating a paid course that helped people to systematically examine and remove drama from their lives. Then my internal gyroscope said, “Nope. Feels like drama. Feels like hustlin’. Feels like taking on too much, because I’ve got other big things happening.”

Also, something within me recognizes that for a great many people out there, a certain level of drama is being created by the never-ending, constant, and ceaseless taking of courses, e-programs, signing up for workshops, reading of self-help articles…and on and on.

So here are the details. Check yourself. Is this course right for you?

(( The course is now closed, but you can see when we open another course by joining the Your Courageous Life community )).