Written August, 2009–shortly before I made the decision to go from part-time to full-time coaching.

I most desire to help other women who are, in so many ways, “just like me,” or who at least occupy the space that I used to occupy 24:7.

Women who are smart and funny and big-hearted, who can make things happen and know they’ve done it before but who feel stuck for various reasons and aren’t sure how to make it happen again.

Women who know that they have an amazing amount of potential, but they’re feeling sidelined by feelings of sadness or anger or just general powerlessness, and a therapy room isn’t necessarily the place they want to be because that’s a different type of work, perhaps work they’ve even done already, yet going it alone isn’t quite making the cut, either.

Women who guilt the shit out of themselves with thoughts like, “I’m so lucky, I’m so fortunate, I’ve already had so many blessings…so what’s wrong with me, that I’m still not fulfilled?”

Women who compare themselves with others and know it’s a losing game to do that yet still find themselves doing it, anyway, and then that part–the doing something that isn’t helpful even when we know better–spawns its own guilt and frustration.

Women who have defined their lives by doing stuff and want to get off of that treadmill but who want to figure out what life means if they do that, step off the treadmill.

Women who are living in the private hell of a constant barrage of self-criticism and feeling overwhelmed and scarcity around money and time and guilt because they’re afraid that they “shouldn’t be” feeling that way.

I want to help women to allow their truest and fullest desires to play at the forefront of their lives.

Let your heart want what it wants. Good things are there.


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