whats your kryptonite

“What people think” can be my kryptonite. When I’m working my tools, I am in the flow of my life, barring the usual life challenges that arise from time to time.

And, like most people–things happen that throw me off game. Perhaps it’s because I’m not taking the necessary time for self-care. Perhaps it’s because it’s an errant week and the stars are not aligned. Who knows? Whatever it is, the old patterns arise and I find myself going back into caring what other people think.

When it comes to change, there is usually one thing that is your kryptonite, that diminishes your superpowers. While you’re in the process of change, there’s this in-between place while we’re still figuring it all out that can be like straddling two worlds–I invoke the metaphor of one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock. When it comes to your kryptonite, one foot is on the dock and it’s the “old you” getting sucked in by the “old pattern.” Another foot is on the boat, wanting to set sail, knowing that something bigger awaits but feeling uncertain about whether the boat is actually seaworthy.

A Declaration

Declarations in the face of kryptonite can be powerful. Here are a few that I’ve made, related to fears or old patterns of limitation that I’ve had:

Happiness isn’t selfish.
It is a courageous thing to bypass the drama and snarck and willingly embrace happiness in a world that is just jumping to sell me on yet another problem that I could spend money to “solve.”
It’s not faking anything to embrace happiness, even if I don’t have all the cogs figured out just yet.

You make these declarations to yourself while you navigate that in-between space of not knowing what awaits you on the horizon.

Truly happy people don’t have everything figured out, and they don’t pretend not to feel emotions like anger or judgement or sadness. They resist buying into a collective consciousness that is, at times, hell-bent on martyrdom, drama, victimization, and bonding over negativity and putting others down rather than something that connects us positively and builds each other up.

Kryptonite + Courage

This is the great thing about kryptonite–when you really face it, it turns out that it’s just a basically pretty fake looking green stone used as a prop on the movie set of an equally as fake story about a superhero.

What’s your kryptonite? What do you notice causes you to shrink?

And perhaps more importantly, what’s your declaration?