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I’ve been a fan of Danielle LaPorte for some time. I resonate deeply with people who are stepping into who they are, where they are, and being honest about that process (even if it goes against the status quo. Even if it might not always be “perfect”).

Here’s our original interview, from when the Fire Starter Sessions was first being released as a digital program (you can now get the print version of the Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle’s second book called The Desire Map, and her latest, White Hot Truth).

White Hot Truth Book Review

What I love most about Danielle’s work, and about White Hot Truth, is that she gets into the very important nuances of being on the spiritual path. Nowhere in White Hot Truth is there anything pithy or a little pat advice. She’s not going to just tell you to think positive and hope for the best; she’s going to explore, with discernment, the nuances of how it is that positivity is the aim even as you delve into the darkness that you feel, because the darkness has elements that are real.

Expect to think deeply about your life, how you handle the times when bad things happen despite your best efforts, and how to rally in ways that are real, resonant, and practical. White Hot Truth is a no-nonsense, intelligent spiritual guide for seekers and “I’m kinda curious but not exactly a seeker” types who want intelligent and pragmatic spiritual inquiry that can be applied to your day-to-day life.

The print release of The Fire Starter Sessions is now here–at the time that we did this interview, she had just started the digital release and was gearing up for launch day. I had no idea how much The Fire Starter Sessions would be a game-changer, and Danielle continues the trend with White Hot Truth.

white hot truth danielle laporte