At your core, your essence, you are indestructible.

There is nothing that anyone could ever do to you or take from what is really you.

No one could possibly damage that intimate, untouchable spirit within.

What you really are is everything all at once, and nothing at all, all at the same time–without boundaries.



Beyond the bones and flesh, beyond reason and logic, beyond the give and pull of emotional extremes, what makes up what you are is beyond description.

The powerful question is: is this the perspective from which you live your life?

When I’m not living from that question, I’m living in a world of tit-for-tat; judging and justifying my judgments; cataloging injustices, real or imagined; letting my Ego inflate to make me significant and then deflate when I run the opposing Story that I’m not enough,; not making room for an in-between; imposing my own limitations by pre-determining them before I’ve tested out alternatives; lost in rigid thinking that it “is that way” or “is this way.”

We all do it.

But–like a meditation practice, we can “come back to the breath” by “coming back to who we really are.”

If I’m walking the world knowing that at my core, I am indestructible, then I don’t need to keep track of what you did wrong. I don’t need to judge you out of fear and half-hearted attempts at “protection.” I don’t need to be bigger and better– or constrict to less-than.

It becomes easier to just come back to what-is–this moment, right here, exactly what is in front of you at the very moment that you are reading and processing these letters.

I don’t share all of that to sound esoteric or disconnected from day-to-day living.

I only notice that day-to-day living takes on a sweeter quality when I’m more present in it, and this is one of the tools available to me: recognition that all of the carefully constructed defenses can drop in an instant when I’m not choosing to swim in them, when I answer the call to live more fully than that.

Expansion, contraction: You’ll expand to heed the call. Then, the old defenses come up, and you contract.

Practice courage, along the way: Feeling afraid, diving in anyway, transforming.

You are not broken. You never were. Reconnect with that truth.