What you think, matters.
What you believe, matters.
What you create, matters.
What you desire, matters.
What you want, matters.

It all matters. You matter.

So many people think, “It’s all been done before. It doesn’t really matter, anyway. No one will notice.”

Here’s the thing: you will notice.

You will notice when you keep ignoring your soul’s calling. Like eating junk food, one day or a week will feel less-than-stellar, but still tolerable. Eating junk food every day for months? Could bring you (and your health) to a breaking point.

It’s not about becoming the next big internet superstar (whatever that is, anyway).
It’s not even about being paid.

Yes, earning cash or recognition for your efforts has it’s own glitzy cachet. But it holds no candle to being able to look in the mirror, meet your own eyes, and see them shine with pride.

When you put your unique self-expression out into the world, the world changes–your world changes.

That’s enough.

You’ve got to stop making it about some higher calling, or getting noticed, or projecting ten steps into the future and then defeating yourself before you’ve even started.

You’ve got to do it because something within you says to pick up the brush, tap at the keys, go make the call, stretch into the pose.

You’ve got to do it because you matter–you matter, to you.