I’ve been working on something, behind the scenes…a book. The title came to me in a flash, one day, and I wrote it down on a post-it note that would live on my computer for several months.

Your Most Courageous Self: the definitive guide to unparalleled bad-assery.

I didn’t want to write a new program that does a deep-dive into living with courage (I’ve already created that) and my vision for Your Most Courageous Self was clear: Kindle format, on Amazon, intended to be the inspirational launch point for releasing a person’s Most Courageous Self from the leash of “have to,” obligation, work-work-work-hustle-work, worry, over-thinking it, self-doubt, and…not having fun.

Your Most Courageous Self is a side of you that believes, wholeheartedly, in having fun and living a fully-alive life. She’s the inner bad-ass that’s sick of being on a leash. She wants to go, do, experience. She’s sick of caring what anyone thinks or trying to figure out all the steps, in advance, or any other joy-killer.

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Then, check your email on October 3rd. That’s when I’ll be sending out the download link to the Kindle and PDF versions, and…

– The audiobook
– Worksheets and other Most Courageous Self downloadable resources
– Information about how to participate in the Most Courageous Self challenge (#MCSchallenge) on Instagram.com/katecourageous or Facebook.com/YourCourageousLife. Not only is participating in the challenge a way to push yourself to take action and connect with other like-minded people who are interested in living more courageous lives, you’ll also have opportunities to enter for a free gift card giveaway.

Want to listen to the introduction?
Here it is: