how to be softer

How to be softer

In a different episode of the Your Courageous Life podcast, I talked about “how to be tougher.” In that episode, I shared that being “tougher” isn’t about harshness. In this episode, I’m talking about how to be softer, and especially this–being softer doesn’t mean being weaker, though for someone like me (who is far more experienced with cultivating toughness) it might mean that I get walked on a few times as I learn the nuances of discernment.

How to be softer show notes:

  • Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech
  • When you are softer, until discernment kicks in, all sorts of things will penetrate.
  • “Everything is figure-out-able.”
  • Trusting in unseen hands as a strategy to remember that it’s not all on you.
  • When we are softer, we are not weaker. In fact, one of the strongest things we can do is to decide that we want to move into softness and stop trying to control everything.

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