how to choose joy

We often wonder how to choose joy , especially when we’re going through difficult times. When I’m having a tough time, choosing joy is hard for me, too–by no means am I suggesting that this is simple or easy to do.

Nonetheless, I’m saying…it’s what we’ve got to do. When it’s difficult to feel connected to the goodness of life, we’ve got to make a choice to look for the joy, wherever we can find it.

This video is short and sweet, and gets straight to the point: joy is your birthright, but you’ve got to choose it in the sense that you keep actively looking for it.

Consider some possibilities for how you might transcend difficult circumstances through choosing joy, consciously deciding that even if things are hard, you’re both willing to look at what’s difficult as well as decide to see what might be possible.

A quick note that I am compelled to add when talking about topics such as these: I would never suggest that in choosing joy, you try to ignore or bypass very real suffering or oppression. This isn’t reciting positive affirmations. This is about really deciding that you’re going to look for the good, wherever you can, because it lifts up your life.

And now…

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