if I told the truth

I started the Your Courageous Life podcast because I wanted a more intimate forum for talking about courage. I started that podcast with an episode where I got into more truth-telling, and today I’m revisiting that topic with episode 13: If I told the truth.

I recorded this episode on a day when I felt particularly grateful to be alive–because in that ownership of gratitude, and joy, and feeling connected to myself and others and the world, I could also see the doorway that had opened up to talk about a time in my life when I hadn’t felt grateful to be alive…a time when I’d felt that really, the world would be better off without me.

Related to that, there’s a little bit more truth-telling involved…the tools I’ve used to get myself to better health have been decidedly “uncool.” Yet they’ve been the tools that I’ve honored often enough that I get to reap the benefits of joy and connection and courage, even when life is challenging.

Hitting “publish” on this podcast felt easier than almost any other one that I’ve shared, prior. It feels good to be free about my past and who I’ve been.

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Big big love,

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