I recently took part in an interview with Kira Sabin, a dating coach and sought-after speaker on relationships who’s starting The League of Adventurous Singles (and if you’re single? This is a seriously different dating-related program than anything you’ve ever seen).

One of the things that we talked about during our interview was how skewed people’s perceptions can get when it comes to love and dating. Kira isn’t truly to teach the “happily ever after because you find The One” nonsense that so many other dating coaches are teaching–she wants you to truly find happiness within yourself (by doing things like living a bold and adventurous life) and parlaying that into creating the relationship that you desire.

The Keys to Courageous Love

In service to that, I share this .mp3 audio on the practice of what I call “courageous love.” (Hint: it looks really different than the pop songs). Download and give it a listen if you’d like to improve any aspect of your own marriage, partnership, or family relationships.