You know it’s time to stop over-committing if you’re that person who’s always starting something new (but finishing? That’s another story).

Part of the reason we feel we can’t stop over-committing is because we don’t know how to recognize it when we’re doing it. What if we’re just passionate? What if it’s less about commitment, and more about our excitement to live and be fully alive? I think it’s the latter, at its core, but nonetheless, we’ve got to stop over-committing to things that keep us from what’s most essential. Your deepest ambitions deserve to become priorities in your life, and over-committing to everyone else but yourself gets in the way of that.

Watch this video to learn how to recognize over-committing and then stop over-committing by seeing when it’s healthy, and when over-committing is more drama.

1. Recognize the moments when you over-commit
2. Understand how to drop the drama of over-committing
3. Learn the key question to ask yourself when you decide to commit to something (what impact is this going to have on my life)

Over-committing and Fear

Sometimes, we over-commit because we’re afraid of actually declaring that our deepest ambitions deserve that seat at the table. That’s why it’s such a ripe topic for talking about courage and fear and how we start creating more courageous habits in our lives. When you’re done with the video, ask yourself: what have I committed to that keeps me from my goals? How has over-committing become a habit, and how can I create better habits that align me with my deepest desires?

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