It feels confusing to figure out just how to release attachment to outcome when you feel personally invested. This video offers help for noticing when you have attachment to outcome and how to clarify where you truly have control, as well as some thoughts on the process to release attachment to outcome.

1. Learn the one question you need to ask when setting a goal or intended outcome;
2. Know the words to stop using to take back your power;
3. Clarify where you truly have control.

Release attachment to outcome

Really, because the entire culture conditions us to. From a young age, we start getting told that if we do all the right things, we’ll be okay. That’s the birthplace of attachment to outcome, teaching people that goals are meant to be fulfilled and only when they are fulfilled, will there be happiness. As you start getting unattached from the, well, attachment to outcome, something new has room to emerge: defining your happiness internally, rather than through external goal fulfillment.

When we release attachment you can keep it simple: decide that no matter the outcome, you’re willing to look for an opportunity to choose joy. You start setting boundaries that create happiness, on your terms.

Particularly, pay attention to what the video says about how to clarify where you truly have control (when we start ditching the illusion of control, managing our expectations and starting the process to release attachment gets a lot easier!).

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