setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is an important part of having healthy relationships. It can be hard to start setting when you have a fear of alienating people or offending them–and you’re not weak or wrong because you want to try to preserve relationships or get along with others!

Yet this business of setting boundaries is essential to our well-being. It’s essential to our courage. Sometimes, saying “no” to someone else is the only way that you can say “yes” to yourself.

Watch this video to learn more about setting healthy boundaries and how to handle it when you set boundaries and your boundaries are triggered.

  1. Learn about setting boundaries with friends, without alienating them
  2. Understand why having boundaries can actually strengthen your relationships
  3. Learn what to do when your boundaries get triggered

Setting Boundaries in Practice

After watching the video, consider some specific ways that you can start to practice what you’ve learned. This is one of the best ways to create better habits : by immediately putting the ideas of setting boundaries into place. Where can you start? Write down the top three places in your life where you’d like to set boundaries. Forget being realistic in this case, and just move into “If I could have it the way I wanted, I’d want…” Then see what action steps emerge.

As you start, you’ll notice that you stop over-committing and are more likely to trust yourself. It’s part of how you choose joy. The more you practice setting boundaries, the better you’ll get at it!